Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday before Macie went to school I told her to beware of pranks today and that her teacher might play a prank on them. And boy did she ever! At Macie's school they do color codes for behavior. Green is the best, blue, yellow and red (miss recess and get a red slip sent home)..Macie has never seen any other colors except green. Well yesterday Macie's teacher handed out red slips to everyone in the class. Macie and two other kids started crying - hahahahahahahaaaa -April Fools prank of course. Once we got home Macie called Jason at work and sounded very upset that she got on red today and he bought it. He was fuming!!!!! But relieved when Macie screamed April Fools.

Wednesdays are also gymnastic day for Macie. I've always wanted to take some pics of her in gym class, so her we have some.

Here's Macie doing a very good handstand.
Here we are on the trampoline working on back handsprings. She's a tad stiff on these - haha
Doing some bar work

I also have to report that Eli has learned to write his name. Now I don't mean grab a pencil and he can write ELI from memory. When I say he can write his name - what I mean is- I can tell him exactly how to write an E-L-I and he'll listen to my instruction and write his name..So we're getting there..There is a lot of work to be done this summer. Austin has a harder time with his name, of course it's longer and somewhat trickier..

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