Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Mess w/ Your Wee-Wee

Funny story-Eli has fiddled with the top of his diaper ever since I can remember. He'll stick his hand down his pants and mess with the top of his diaper, especially when he's tired. He wears undies during the day, but still needs a pull up at night and always messes with his pull up. Well tonight the boys were picking out their designs for their bday cakes and Austin had his hand down his pants. I say, "get your hand outta your pants, your not Eli". Jason says, "I think he was playing with himself" haha, so I ask Austin if he was playing with his wee-wee. And he says, "yeah I love it" hahaha - how typical is that? Too cute!! Keep in mind their only 3, so it's not like I'm talking porn here.
My kids can be the absolute sweetest things-at times they melt my heart.
Eli loves sleeping with Macie on the weekends. He does it every weekend. Austin on the other hand is like a little old man. He won't sleep with Macie and Eli cause he says they wake him up, so he sleeps in his room all by himself. Tonight I was tucking Austin in bed and Eli comes up and kisses Austin and says "goodnite Austin"....Too cute!!!

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