Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gun Powder & Lead

Jason bought the boys a rocket for their birthday and tonight we set that little bad boy off. I have to admit I'd been guilty of saying "it was stupid", but I was impressed (and that's really say'n something). The kids LOVED it!! So here is a picture of the rocket before Blast Off.
Kuddos to me for getting this awesome launch.
So the rocket kit Jason bought came with 2 engines. Here's a picture of the 1st one. Needless to say we'll be waiting at the door when Hobby Lobby opens Monday morning to buy more engines..The 1st rocket rotated 16 times in the air..
Here's Jason putting the 2nd engine in.
2nd rocket launch!!! I have no idea why Macie's holding her ears - it wasn't loud..

Here's the parachute coming out. The 2nd rocket went up further than the 1st..

So how did I come up with my title? Well we put the launch pad and remote back into the boys room and it stunk so bad. I said it smelled like rotten egg and Jason said it was gun powder and that made me think of Miranda Lambert's song Gun Powder & Lead.

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Rachel Brown said...

Oh he sounds like Russ. Russ always has rockets and helicopters and giant bag helium balloons for the kids. Thats fun!!