Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You

THANK YOU Sugar Shack for opening up for the summer. My kids have longed for them to open back up. Eli about died when we drove by this afternoon and saw it was open. All 3 kids talked and talked about it until we drove by this evening and sure enough THEY'RE OPEN - yea!! Jason, Macie and myself had rainbows, which are my fav and the boys shared a black cherry. They each had about 3 bites and were done, but happy as can be. I love the sugar shack, said Eli..The boys want to try the spider man flavor next time - hehehehe
We love you sugar shack!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rough Nights

For the past couple of weeks Jason and I have played musical beds at night, well mostly Jason. One of the boys will come into our bed then Jason will get up and go to another. Well last night we'd had enough and going to break the cycle, so we told everyone to stay in their own beds so we all could get some sleep. Around 10ish Macie woke up crying from a nightmare (her 2nd one this weekend), so I go sleep with her for a bit, then get back into my bed..Then around 4:30 Eli comes into our room wanting to know where Austin is. So I tell him I have no idea where he is and to look in Macie's room - he did and no Austin. I proceed to tell Eli that I'm sure Austin is in his bed under the covers or something and to go check. Kept in mind the boys share a room. Eli runs back to his room crying hysterically, so I get back up and ask him what in the world is wrong. Then he said he's scared, by that time Austin appears with a "what the H is going on" look. He hates to be woke up and that is the main reason he doesn't participate in the weekend slumbers in Macie's bed..hahahahahhaahaaa Ssssoooo I lay with Eli awhile then go back to my bed for a couple hours of sleep...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Update

Here's a picture of Macie getting her hair spray painted at Spring Fling..She wanted her pony tail painted purple, which didn't show up, but she thought it was way cool.
This little letter was posted outside her classroom wall..Too cute!!!
It reads: Once upon a time my dog named bud was scared of the wind and he ran into his dog house.
This is the present mamaw donna got the boys for their bday. They totally love it!!!
I was going through Macie's folder a while ago and came across another letter Macie had written about her brothers bday party. I so love this!!! This is in Macie's words:
oN Satuarday it wus my bruths BirthDay thay a lot of Toys and Eli. Got legos Astin to. We had it at the pizz plas. Thay got to opin a tos of presis.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still Breathing

Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since I've posted something - life has been busy..Nothing new or exciting has happened. Macie and I went to her schools Spring Fling last night and had fun. Will try and post some of those pics..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gun Powder & Lead

Jason bought the boys a rocket for their birthday and tonight we set that little bad boy off. I have to admit I'd been guilty of saying "it was stupid", but I was impressed (and that's really say'n something). The kids LOVED it!! So here is a picture of the rocket before Blast Off.
Kuddos to me for getting this awesome launch.
So the rocket kit Jason bought came with 2 engines. Here's a picture of the 1st one. Needless to say we'll be waiting at the door when Hobby Lobby opens Monday morning to buy more engines..The 1st rocket rotated 16 times in the air..
Here's Jason putting the 2nd engine in.
2nd rocket launch!!! I have no idea why Macie's holding her ears - it wasn't loud..

Here's the parachute coming out. The 2nd rocket went up further than the 1st..

So how did I come up with my title? Well we put the launch pad and remote back into the boys room and it stunk so bad. I said it smelled like rotten egg and Jason said it was gun powder and that made me think of Miranda Lambert's song Gun Powder & Lead.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Usually our car rides are loud and hectic like our house. If I'm not yelling at someone, then one of the kids are usually crying, whining, tattling and Lord knows what. This morning was no different. On the way to school we're jamm'n out to Itsy Bitsy Spider - hahahahaa..Now it's stuck in my head all day long..Of course everyone has a song they want to listen to, so I'm trying to drive down the highway looking through the 4 possible cd's..We get lucky and come across Macie's song, but we've still yet to find Old MacDonald for Eli, but hey there is always the school trip this afternoon.. ;0)
After we dropped Macie off I had to get gas. Austin proceeds to tell me Eli's being mean to him, so I plead with Eli to be nice and no one wants to play with a mean kid and Eli turns to Austin and says in a very high, sarcastic type voice "Sor-rreeee, your my best friend"..I was hilarious!!! Austin picks up on the sarcasm immediately and says "he's doing it again" hahaha.. o brother!!

This is Austin working on his picnic table that mamaw Donna bought him, with the tools aunt Amy bought.. They love to build/fix things. I'm hoping the table doesn't end up like the steps.
Here are the bubbles the Easter bunny brought. You can actually hold them w/o them bursting. Man the bubble liquid is so thick it's almost like glue..But the kids like'em..Sorry for the terrible pic. It's windy as always where I live, so we had a hard time catching them..

Since we're talking Easter, here is Macie @ her Easter party..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should've Known

As you know Eli wanted and got a trash truck for his birthday. We asked and asked Austin if he wanted one, cause usually they want the same exact thing. He kept saying "no" he wanted a truck, trailer and a tractor so that's what he got. Well once Eli started playing with his trash truck, which is cool btw Austin decided he wanted one..Austin tried to play with Eli's and that just wasn't going to happen. Eli had a cow!!!Austin had some birthday money so we said he could buy one. On the way home Easter we stopped off at Target to get the "trash can guys" and TARGET WASN'T OPEN. BIG disappointment!! But he survived until Monday morning and we bought a similar but different trash truck..Then of course they switch trucks..

Here's a picture of Macie wearing some Easter bling..Sticker earrings of course.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boys

Today is my sweet boys 4th birthday. It started off with a bang and we're not done yet!! We have Easter activities to do later. I'm going to spare you the typical birthday pictures, but going to share a few. Here's the boys birthday cakes. This is exactly what they wanted their cakes to look like.

This is the one toy that Austin picked out and said he wanted. It's a truck, with a trailer and tractor on top of the trailer.

This is Eli's trash can guys is what he calls it. This was a must have for him. He saw it at Target a month ago and has talked about it ever since. And here's what our kitchen looks like at the moment. I have to go to the store to buy huge trash bags. It looks like Christmas!!

Okay a few months ago Jason won a pedi certificate for me and I used it yesterday. Well it's been like 5 years since I'd had one, so I forgot they roll up your pants. Yeah I had hairy legs and was so embarrassed. Then.....he started shaving my feet with his little razor tool and hunks of skin was flyin everywhere. My skin was all over his clothes and he kept wiping it off his sleeves and pants. I was mortified!!!! I wanted to stick my head in the tub of water and drowned!! He probably thought i was the nastiest skank EVER!!

My feet look pretty, though..

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm going to back track on my story a tad. I'm lying on the c-section table asking my doctor if he's sure my belly is numb and what if I start feeling him cutting me - haha..I laugh now, but I was very scared of a c-section..I didn't really want one. Jason said when he came into the room there was a look of sheer terror on my face haha. I would have felt better if I hadn't felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I had problems breathing it felt like and I also felt like I was tilted a tad..Like feet above head, I may have been I don't know. It sounds like I freaked out but I assure you I didn't. Jason said they had my table rocking like crazy, which I didn't feel cause I was numb - thank goodness!! I'm very grateful both babies were healthy!!
We found out the sexes for this pregnancy which I really didn't want to do. I'm a planner, so being unprepared would have sent me over the edge. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we were going to have 2 boys. Jason's dad is the only one that predicted it. Looking back I kinda wished we wouldn't have found out. It would have been a great surprise. So that means we both got to pick names. My choice was Austin and Jason's choice was Eli. Now I wasn't fond of Eli AT ALL. Not sure why, but it's grown on me. We used Jason's grandpa Sharum's name (which is also Jason's dads middle name) and my maiden name for the boys middle names. Watching these two boys grow together these last 4 years have been amazing. Twins really do share a special bond. They can just look at one another and crack up laughing. When one boy really gets upset it upsets the other one. They really are the best of friends. When one boy gets in bed with us in the middle of the night, the other boy will wake up and the first thing he says is where is so-in-so..Now they can fight like crazy, but be best friends the next moment. Their personalities change on a daily basis. If Eli is cranky on Monday I can count on Austin being cranky on Tuesday. It's always been that way..We've had so many crazy and hilarious moments from other people. Little old ladies chasing me down in Wal-Mart to ask "are they twins". Man if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question, I'd be $$$$$. hahaha I know this post is suppose to be about the boys, but both boys adore their sister and I can't leave out their daddy - who they want to be just like..Both boys are so very sweet. Austin will put on of his hands on each of my checks and say "momma you look cute" and this morning as we're walking outta Macie's school Eli kisses my hand. I'm very blessed to have such a sweet family. I never imagined life being this good!!
In the above picture I have no idea whose who w/o going back through their photo albums. Enjoy the slideshow. It's sweet!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And Then Came.....

A minute later Eli - aka baby b was born. Eli was breach and had been for awhile. My doctor kept talking about a breach extraction, where he'd just pull the baby out feet first. Simple as that!! whatever!! If you've ever had a child you know it's not simple as that, so I was like "well I trust you and all, but that doesn't seem real appealing to me". Thank goodness we didn't do that cause the cord was around Eli's neck. Eli was the bigger (in ounces and length) twin just by a hair.
As I stated in the post of Austin, I didn't see the boys until the 2nd day. Eli had some minor breathing problems so he had to stay under this little hood for several hours, then under the lamp for jaundice. Sorry I don't know all the medical lingo for this stuff.
He's a mama's boy I'm proud to say (but realize that won't last long)..Like Austin-Eli is a very sweet, sweet boy.

I swear this isn't the same picture as in Austin's post haha..I've always said this, when I look back it seems like so long ago since they were born, but yet they've grown up so fast. Make sense?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Story of Austin

These next couple of days will be posts about both boys in celebration of their 4th birthday. I've thought and thought about how to do this, I've been back and forth on what to write. So I'm going to start at the beginning. My friend, Rachel has always said I should write a book and I'm beginning to think she was right - haha..When Macie was a tad over a year old we decided to try for another baby and maybe go for a third one sometime down the road. I got pregnant right off, which we hadn't planned on. Actually we were trying NOT to get pregnant. I noticed different things with this pregnancy than with Macie..Like I always had a metallic or coppery taste in my mouth and I always had lots of pressure on my lower abdomen. Keep in mind this was before my 8 week checkup. I thought nothing of it cause I've always heard every pregnancy is different. On and off during the weeks leading up to my 1st doctors appointment I'd make random comments to Jason about us having twins and he'd think that's retarded and go on. I think it was Rachel who jinxed me. She constantly said it. So on my 1st doctors appointment as I'm heading out the door I said to a friend "I hope I'm not having twins". Little did I know what God had in store for me. I'm at the doctor by myself cause this was the second baby and we've been there done that sort of thing..Not a big deal..So the doctor's about to do the ultrasound that looks like a you know what and I say "I hope there is not two babies in there" and the doctor smiles and pats my knee and says "bless your heart". I swear I was bug eyeed as I yell WHAT!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! NO WAY!! O MY GOSH!! K, I'm near panic. I'm shaking so bad that the lady who takes your money had to write my check out for me..My first call was to Jason and he about died. First I'd thought he hung up on me b/c he was dead quiet and after he collected his thoughts all he kept saying was "this isn't funny and you'd better not be lying". haha
I had a long, hard pregnancy..Several scares along the way, but everything worked out.
So on April 8th 2005 my back had been hurting all day. I was having contractions like 4-5 minutes apart and just didn't feel good. I'd worked half a day that day, so I went home and tried to rest. Keep in mind Macie had just turned 2, so there was little rest to be had. I knew my doctor was on call that weekend and had Monday off. I wanted my doctor to deliver these babies. I was already dilating which wasn't a good thing, but not too bad either. I was almost 34 weeks. I called the hospital later that evening and they said come on in, which I did and they kept me through the weekend trying to stop the contractions and giving me those steroid shots for the babies lungs. I was sent home Sunday afternoon, took a nap with Macie, woke up and the contractions started again. I was in some discomfort, but did not want to go back to the hospital, but then again I knew my doctor wasn't going to be in the office Monday, so I didn't know what to do. Jason says I was sweating profusely, but I don't remember ever sweating - haha..At midnight Macie woke up puking, so we took turns dealing with her all the while I'm in labor..I kept asking Jason "what do I do, what do I do". I finally gave in and called my mom at 3am to ask her to take me to the hospital and she says "yeah let me put some makeup on" - so I'm thinking "what" , so I say okay try to hurry. After we hung up she realized what was going on and rushed over with no makeup - thank goodness. I really felt like the bottom was about to fall out - haha. Jason didn't want to leave Macie if I was just going to be sent home. Needless to say I didn't get sent home. Of course it was raining cats and dogs that morning..I call Jason once to let him know we're having the twins soon and to get here. Well he feel back to sleep, so as their wheeling me to the c-section room I'm calling him again saying there not going to wait for you get up here, Aunt Amy lived 2 houses down so she came down to watch Macie until Mamaw Patti could get there. Keep in mind Jason's a dangerous driver in the rain, but somehow made it there in time. Austin has always been labeled "baby A". He was the smaller twin but just by a couple of ounces..
I know he looks a little rough, but he's come a long way..I was so out of it I didn't get to see my babies the day I delivered. One sweet nurse snuck Austin into my room so I could see him for a second. Austin is a sweet, sweet boy. I believe he'll be the sneaky one outta the bunch, though.
It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since this picture.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Still the Same

I've been looking through old pics of the boys, trying to gear up for their birthdays this weekend. I'm trying not to have so many pics on my blog, but it's so hard for me. Anyways, I came across this picture today and wanted to share with you. Here's a pic of my twins on their 1st day home. They spent 2 weeks at the hospital so they are roughly 14 days old. Austin is on the left (which I'd argue over, but that's what I have written down) and Eli is on the right.
Okay here's a picture taken just a few weeks ago. Still the same after 3 years. Austin is on the left and Eli on the right. This I'm positive of!! If you look closely you can tell who is who by the shape of their heads. STILL THE SAME!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Mess w/ Your Wee-Wee

Funny story-Eli has fiddled with the top of his diaper ever since I can remember. He'll stick his hand down his pants and mess with the top of his diaper, especially when he's tired. He wears undies during the day, but still needs a pull up at night and always messes with his pull up. Well tonight the boys were picking out their designs for their bday cakes and Austin had his hand down his pants. I say, "get your hand outta your pants, your not Eli". Jason says, "I think he was playing with himself" haha, so I ask Austin if he was playing with his wee-wee. And he says, "yeah I love it" hahaha - how typical is that? Too cute!! Keep in mind their only 3, so it's not like I'm talking porn here.
My kids can be the absolute sweetest things-at times they melt my heart.
Eli loves sleeping with Macie on the weekends. He does it every weekend. Austin on the other hand is like a little old man. He won't sleep with Macie and Eli cause he says they wake him up, so he sleeps in his room all by himself. Tonight I was tucking Austin in bed and Eli comes up and kisses Austin and says "goodnite Austin"....Too cute!!!

1st Bday

Here's some pictures I'd like to share with you. These are 1st birthday pictures of Blake. I watch this little guy during the day. He did a really good and had a blast with the cupcake.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday before Macie went to school I told her to beware of pranks today and that her teacher might play a prank on them. And boy did she ever! At Macie's school they do color codes for behavior. Green is the best, blue, yellow and red (miss recess and get a red slip sent home)..Macie has never seen any other colors except green. Well yesterday Macie's teacher handed out red slips to everyone in the class. Macie and two other kids started crying - hahahahahahahaaaa -April Fools prank of course. Once we got home Macie called Jason at work and sounded very upset that she got on red today and he bought it. He was fuming!!!!! But relieved when Macie screamed April Fools.

Wednesdays are also gymnastic day for Macie. I've always wanted to take some pics of her in gym class, so her we have some.

Here's Macie doing a very good handstand.
Here we are on the trampoline working on back handsprings. She's a tad stiff on these - haha
Doing some bar work

I also have to report that Eli has learned to write his name. Now I don't mean grab a pencil and he can write ELI from memory. When I say he can write his name - what I mean is- I can tell him exactly how to write an E-L-I and he'll listen to my instruction and write his name..So we're getting there..There is a lot of work to be done this summer. Austin has a harder time with his name, of course it's longer and somewhat trickier..