Monday, April 6, 2009

Still the Same

I've been looking through old pics of the boys, trying to gear up for their birthdays this weekend. I'm trying not to have so many pics on my blog, but it's so hard for me. Anyways, I came across this picture today and wanted to share with you. Here's a pic of my twins on their 1st day home. They spent 2 weeks at the hospital so they are roughly 14 days old. Austin is on the left (which I'd argue over, but that's what I have written down) and Eli is on the right.
Okay here's a picture taken just a few weeks ago. Still the same after 3 years. Austin is on the left and Eli on the right. This I'm positive of!! If you look closely you can tell who is who by the shape of their heads. STILL THE SAME!

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the alder boys said...

I love it!!! I have pics just like this of my twins!!! I have to look really close at their newborn pictures to see which is which and they aren't even identical!