Friday, January 30, 2009

A Shelled Peanut?

I have a hilarious story to share. Tonight we went to Logan's to eat dinner and you know they have the "peanuts with the shell" in the small buckets on the table. Our seating arrangement is ALWAYS boys on one side-girls on the other. *Keep in mind my kids have never had dealings with shelled peanuts (well I take that back-Macie might have)..The only peanuts they eat are the ones you "just eat".. Anyways Jason & I are sitting down and notice Eli crunching on something but at the same time thinking "I don't remember cracking any shells for them to eat"..Jason asks him what he's eating and he opens his mouth and he has the shell and ALL in his mouth..hahahahahahahahhahahaha He cried when Jason made him spit it out - poor fellow..But was soon happy as a lark when he got to eat "normal" peanuts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Lovin' It

Okay when I saw this picture today - I about DIED!!! I LOVE IT!! Don't get me wrong she's beautiful, but WOW.. Could those pictures be for real? Her peeps should all be fired for letting her go out in public looking the way she did....hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa I mean she has no excuse to look that way..She has money for a personal trainer, which I thought she had. Hey here's some advice - HIRE A CHEF & and quit listening to papa Simpson..No one wants to listen to or look at a "chubby country girl"
This obviously made my day:
Don't get me wrong I'm far from beautiful & thin, but at least I have an excuse..

Monday, January 26, 2009


We received Macie's finished hardback book today in the mail..It was so exciting!!! I'm an illustrator, I'm an illustrator is what Macie was saying all afternoon after school..hahaha I think she meant to say author, but she also was the illustrator. Here's her book:


Today Macie's class is celebrating the 100th day of school. They were supposed to dress like 100 year olds..Unfortunately we didn't have any old lady stuff, but I put her hair in a bun and put some baby powder in it to make her hair look white..It was hilarious!!! We laughed so hard in the bathroom as she was getting ready..Once we got to school some of her classmates were OVER THE TOP..One boy had blue hair and one girl was dressed just like an old woman..She had the clothes, wig, glasses, pearls, and red lipstick. She looked great!!! Today will be a fun day for the kids as they learn exactly how much 100 is. Even the teacher dressed up and looked great.

As Macie was going into the classroom she had the biggest smile on her face..

I thought this was too cute not to share..This afternoon I'm going through Macie's papers and in the stack is a copy of a $100 bill and this was underneath the bill:
If someone gave me a $100.00 I would buy a
Here's what Macie wrote
Brey - aka Barbie is what she was trying to spell hahahahahahahahahaha too cute!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Blended Family

I want to first start off by saying, I NEVER know what Macie is going to say, when she's going to say it, or where she is going to say something usually hilarious. And sometimes it's about a total stranger standing a few feet from us..NEVER KNOW

So this morning I'm fixing her hair and she asks me:
macie: have you ever had a step mom before when you was a little girl.
me: well yes and her name is mamaw Karen and I also have a step dad named papaw Richard.
macie: who is your real dad
me: papaw doug and mamaw donna is my real mom
macie: a very shocked look on her face then she says "I didn't know they were separated!" hahahahaha how complicated this must be for her..Too deep of a conversation for 7am in the morning, I can tell you that..
me: I'm laughing and say- they've been separated for a while now, so it's no big deal.
macie: why did they separate :0D
me: I dunno, I guess they couldn't get along. Who are you hearing this from?
macie: no one
me: yeah right is what I'm thinking, but gladly drop it.
In the meantime I tell Jason about my conversation and he says "he's surprised she hasn't figured it out sooner..So as we're getting ready to leave Macie is asking Jason what his REAL name is and so here we go into another deep topic. He's explaining to her his real name is Mark Jason Sharum, but since his dad is named Mark, people call him by Jason which is his middle name. He starts laughing and says "you've learned a lot this morning Macie..First you learn that mamaw donna and papaw doug are divorced and I stopped him there. I said, well she really didn't say anything about being divorced, so lets not go there..O is what he says and kinda laughs..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Okay so Macie's school didn't observe Martin Luther King, Jr day today. With the inauguration tomorrow, I'd forgotten all about the holiday today. As I was getting Macie ready for school this morning I told her that tomorrow is an important day that will be in her school books when she gets older, and that Obama is our 1st African American President...And that we need to write down some important things that our going on in our lives tomorrow, so we can look back and remember where we were.

On our way home from picking up Macie after school she says:
I learned about our new President today and read a book about him.
me: (I'm thinking - there is a library book about Obama out already, but thought o well I guess so) I actually said - o yeah, what did you learn?
Macie: I learned some real bad people shot him and he died.
me: (thinking who is she talking about?! ) I actually said - who are you talking about? President Bush is still alive and so is our soon to be New President Obama. Are you talking about Kennedy (yeah I actually said Kennedy, but I was thinking WHY would she be learning about him?)
macie: she whispers the name Kennedy - like she was trying to remember the name then says "no" like shes never heard that name before - hahaha
me: - So it dawns on me that she's talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. I say are you talking about Martin Luther King, Jr?
Macie: yes!!
me: he wasn't a president he was a leader then I say you know your school was the only school around here that wasn't out today.
Macie: YEAH I KNOW!!hahahahaha
Here's the paper book Macie brought home today about Martin Luther King, Jr.

All About Martin Luther King, Jr
Martin Luther King,Jr. is a famous American leader who promoted peaceful change. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. His father was a minister, and his mother was a teacher. Martin loved to read books, and he was a good student. He read about famous black Americans like George Washington Carver. Even as a young boy, Martin noticed that all people were not treated equally. He started to think about how he could help people. Martin graduated from high school when he was only 15. He went to college and became a minister. Martin met a woman named Coretta Scott while going to school in Boston. They decided to get married on June 18, 1953. After Dr. King moved to Montgomery, Alabama, he began to work to change unjust laws. He gave speeches and led peaceful protests. Dr. King made his most famous speech at a march in Washington, D.C., in August 1963. His speech began with the words "I have a dream." Dr. King was awarded the Nobel peace prize in December 1964 for his work. Sadly, Dr. King was killed in April 1968. To honor his memory and his work, Congress voted in 1983 to make a national holiday called Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We honor Dr. King's life each year with parades and other celebrations to remember his dream.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Flurries and more

Here's a picture of the boys trying to catch what snow flurries we had in their mouths. They are "ALL BOY" and would have stayed outside all day if I'd let them - hahahaha

This next picture is of them coloring/school work. Yesterday we worked a little on colors. They are having a hard time with blue, red, green and orange, so Austin's color was orange and Eli's was blue. We didn't work for too long, though. Their attention span is still pretty short, but anything is hopefully better than nothing..

I forgot to announce that Macie made a 100% on her 1st spelling test last week - whoo-hoo sis!! She has another one today, so keep your fingers crossed.
Macie scored a 20/18 on her spelling test - GO MACIE!!

Here's a little random story:
Ever since the boys were born I've felt like a walking freak show. EVERY where we went we got stopped and asked "ARE THEY TWINS". I mean come on people, of course they're twins. They can't be 2 yrs apart!! To this day we still get asked, but now that their older it's not that big a deal. Multiples aren't rare these days, so I still don't know what the fuss is all about.. Well today I felt like the freak show was back. As I'm carrying Blake in his carrier and pulling my 3 kids through the parking lot, Eli nails some one's side mirror with his head. No tears, gashes or blood so he's fine. He might have a nice shiner, though. The boys don't know what "single file" means. They want to walk side by side between the parked cars - hahahaha and needless to say we won't all fit that way..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Slumber

Saturday night it was time for bed and Austin had a meltdown, bless his heart..Through all his heart broke tears he told me "I luv Macie" and wanted to sleep in her bed. hahahahahhahha..I mean, REALLY - How cute is that? They've slumbered one other time and "tried" a time before that. The "tried" time wasn't good - they were climbing the walls and hanging from the ceiling fan, so I had to stop the party and everyone went to their own beds..But last nite all went well..
Here's my sweet, sweet, angels.

Making Due

Finally a post about my boys!!!! We were playing outside Friday afternoon when I captured these pictures..Macie was hitting softballs out into the yard and the boys would go get them on their 4-wheelers then put the balls in the stroller and bring them back to Macie. I guess they really need trailers, but they just made due with what we
had..Seriously though, pretty smart for 3..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

AR Book!!

When I picked Macie up today from school she excitedly told me she got an AR Book..I had no idea what she was talking about, and she tried to explain to me that she had to take a test on the computer, then if she did good she got to go to the school library and check out an AR Book. Once we got home I looked in her folder and there was a note about the AR Book. An AR book means Accelerated Reader book, which I'm totally excited about..She's the 2nd one in her class to get these books..They read the book for a couple of nights then they are tested over the book, and if they do well - move on to another book..Her 1st accelerated reader book is called "I Can Read, Too" by Dave and Pat Sargent.
Tomorrow is her 1st spelling test, so I'm nervous for her. We've been working on them, so she shouldn't have a problem.

This is a random story, but it's funny and a little crazy. Last night right when I turned off my lamp to go to bed I hear a cat meow twice - hahahahahahahahaa..Okay, one problem to that is WE DON'T HAVE A CAT!! So I'm immediately scared thinking there is a cat under our bed..I mean after a raccoon - a cat isn't so weird, right? Jason was just about asleep and heard it too, so I'm not the only crazy person. Of course, he wanted me to get up and look and I wasn't and didn't. My only guess was that it was outside on our windowsill, but I doubt it..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

STUDENT of the week!

Well Macie is finally STUDENT of the week.

The teacher has went in Alphabetical order since the first week of school, so Macie finally gets her week. All during Christmas break she couldn't wait to return to school, so she could be Student of the Week. Yesterday "was awesome" she said..She got to be the 1st in line, pass out papers, erase the board and sit in a special razorback desk in the middle of the room. Macie also brought home some pictures each classmate drew of her. Here are some of my favs..

love the eye lashes in this one!

loving the red dress!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Macie's Trip To The Bank

Today we went to the bank to let them count all Macie's change and to open up a savings account. She had a good time, but was kinda confused on where the bank would keep her money..haha
Once we got home we finished writing the rough draft of her book she's writing, which I'll share with you.

Now keep in mind the limitations for the book. You can have 20 words per page and up to 12 pages..We're going to work on the drawings tomorrow..Here's the 1st rough draft.

My Trip to the Bank
-My daddy broke my 1st piggy bank with his hammer. It was made of glass and shaped like a pig.
-My mommy and daddy picked up the money and put it in my purse. My daddy even cut his finger!
-Before we went to the bank my family guessed how much money I had.
-Daddy guessed $16.50, mommy guessed $21.00, Austin guessed $6, Eli $5.00 and my guess was $25.00.
-The next morning I put the cutest in the world clothes on, and I looked cute as a button.
-Once inside the bank we walked to the counter and gave a girl named Cortney my purse full of money.
-Then a white haired lady told us to sit at the "New Accounts" desk.
-Cortney came back with my empty purse and told me I had $44.06. "Whoa, I'm rich" I said.
-She asked my mommy important information about me like my social security number, date of birth and telephone number.
-Once all my information was in the computer she gave me my very own account number and bank book.
-For giving the bank my money they gave me a cute piggy bank. Cortney said great job and keep saving.
-My guess was the smartest and closest to $44.06, so I was declared THE WINNER.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Breaking The Bank

Tonight Jason broke this glass piggy bank that Macie's had since birth. It's been full for years, but we've been to lazy to actually break it..I know what your thinking "why break it" - and the answer is b/c the whole thing is glass. There is no plug in the bottom, so the only way to get the money out is to BREAK THE BANK.. We're going to the bank tomorrow to open her up a little savings account. We all guessed how much money she had. Here's the guesses:


She had $14 dollar bills, and a ton of change-so I'm sure she will have about $30 total. For Christmas my mom bought her an Illustory Create Your Own Book. You write a story then send it in and they send you a hardback book of your story. So we're going to write a book about Macie's first trip to the bank..Hopefully it'll be cute..

Laser Tag

Tonight we finally opened the laser tag guns my mom bought the boys for Christmas. We all took turns and had a ball..You can shoot each other or hook one gun into the TV and play a video game. I was surprised to see the boys could do both - they're no Clint Eastwood, but they did good for being 3.

Waiting for a turn