Friday, October 31, 2008

Best of Both Worlds Concert

Introducing HANNAH MONTANA (she always tells me to do that)..

I absolutely love this!!

Is it Christmas?!

HOLY COW!!! My kids got a ton of candy!!!We had 3 overflowing pumpkin buckets plus 3 lunch bags full of candy..PLUS, the goodies they got from my mom and their Aunt Amy and Uncle Eric..Halfway around the neighborhood Eli was done trick or treating..He stayed in the wagon while the other 2 ran for the doors. He said his bucket was "too heavy" hahahahahaha..

Here's our Hannah Montana and firemen (my picture taking skills are not at their greatest so ignore that)..

Here's Eli dancing with Hannah!!!!

Classroom Party

Today Macie had her fall/Halloween party at school..They had a really good time and got a TON of candy. Here's a picture of a belly ache on a plate, and that's not even the ton of candy I'm talking about...
Here's the classroom Jack O lantern..Here's what I liked the best!!! This week Macie's classroom learned all about pumpkins. They took guesses on how much their pumpkin weighed, then went to the nurse's office and weighed him..Here's their answers..(These are great)!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wild Things Farm

Today was Macie's field trip to Wild Things Farm and we had a BLAST!! The kids even got a little sun and the day was beautiful...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That's my buddy

Here's the picture I love the most..It took me a few shots, but I finally got it..

Fall Pictures of the boys

Here are some new pics of my handsome boys..I realized now that they are probably too old for the photo's with the animals, but there was a time where they HAD to have those bunnies.

Eli now has to have Macie's old rejected bear - whose name is Bear.

Austin has quite a history. Last year my mom bought Macie a huge baby doll - the ones that look real. Well it was love at first sight with Austin. He HAD to have his Nappy (her name reflected her looks) every night at bedtime. We'd come to the conclusion that when Austin grows up he's going to be the "family man" and have a ton of kids - b/c it wasn't just Nappy he slept with. You could barely see the poor boy for all the dogs, bunny and Nappy. He would even bring the whole crew to the breakfast table, as if we didn't have enough people. But luckily the boys finally tore Nappy's hand off, so No more Nappy..Now he only has 1 small dog he sleeps with & carries it around in one of Macie's pink purses - hahahahahahahahaaaa....But to his defense both boys love being boys..They dig motorbikes, tractors, lawn mowers, & sports..

6 yr Molars?

I can't believe my kids are growing up so fast!!! I just discovered the other nite that Macie is getting one of her 6 yr molars...I guess the next big step is losing the baby teeth - which will be very dramatic once she realizes there is blood involved..