Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should've Known

As you know Eli wanted and got a trash truck for his birthday. We asked and asked Austin if he wanted one, cause usually they want the same exact thing. He kept saying "no" he wanted a truck, trailer and a tractor so that's what he got. Well once Eli started playing with his trash truck, which is cool btw Austin decided he wanted one..Austin tried to play with Eli's and that just wasn't going to happen. Eli had a cow!!!Austin had some birthday money so we said he could buy one. On the way home Easter we stopped off at Target to get the "trash can guys" and TARGET WASN'T OPEN. BIG disappointment!! But he survived until Monday morning and we bought a similar but different trash truck..Then of course they switch trucks..

Here's a picture of Macie wearing some Easter bling..Sticker earrings of course.

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