Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whip it

Macie is super close to a backhand spring. This was her 3rd or 4th attempt, so I think she was getting tired. The other ones were better.

Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day

Today my dear, sweet babies started kindergarten. Time has literally flown by. To me they shouldn't be old enough to start school. Not sure what's up with their faces, but they're still cute. Jason hates their hair being fixed. Which for the record I had 3 to do this morning (and I was glad I didn't have 3 girls) lol

All 3 ready to go.

Here's the "Eli picture smile" Macie is such a good sister. She gave him a hug before we left this morning. Being a big sister isn't always easy, but she does an awesome job. Both boys told me all the way to school that they were gonna miss me today. That's very hard to hear when your trying your hardest not to cry :0)

I think Austin was more excited than he looks, probably nervous which is expected..

From what I could pulled out of them they had a great day. They didn't like the celery or carrots at lunch, but loved the chocolate milk. Their teacher said they had an awesome day and I also heard they did awesome in the cafeteria today - which calms my fears tremendously.

The next couple of weeks they'll be learning/reviewing their colors. Tomorrow they're supposed to wear something red. And stay tuned for what Macie can almost do by herself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baseball Sunday

This morning was Baseball Sunday at church. All baseball players were asked to wear their jerseys to church and afterwards they had a slide show, goodies and giveaways. They gave out 6 gifts. The last was a $25 gift card to Academy. And the winner is......................

I think Austin was a little disappointed but Eli had his back. Eli told him he'd share.
The whole ceremony was awesome, including the slide show. Jason even had to speak out about his team. I would have died or faked a stroke or something to keep from speaking in front of a crowd, but he did an awesome job..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st Place or Close

Today the boys had their 1st group soccer practice. Both boys did good, and at the end they had a race. From my view Eli won, but not for sure. He either won 1st or 2nd out of around 60ish kids. Austin got caught up in traffic and not sure where he finished. Honestly I didn't even see Austin. I had my eyes on Eli. At first he was in the top 5, so I was thinking to myself "O he's doing good", but after he tagged one of the coaches hands he took off. Then I was thinking "holy crap" he might win. Then I heard other parents yelling for their kids and people have never known me to be the "quiet type" so I started yelling and lost all perspective. I thought he won, but Jason wasn't for sure. The other child he was neck and neck with was an "almost relative". hahahaha I know your thinking "what is an "almost relative"? Too long of a story to explain, but the "almost relative" is fast, so I'm proud of Eli. I know Austin would have be neck in neck too if he'd had the chance. I told him after the race "you just have to bust through the slow pokes" :0)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Unforgettable 1st Day of School

Macie had an unforgettable 1st day of 2nd grade. They actually had a fire at school. Not sure on all the details but I've heard it was electrical. Had to evacuate the building and all. Of course the electricity was off in the school and was pitch black when I went to pick her up. I'm sure this was a teacher's nightmare. lol!!

When I tucked Macie into bed tonight she told me they had to write some things about themselves to help their classmates to get to know them better. sigh . (Remember the letter I wrote to Macie today and me saying I could write a book on things she needs to know. Well I SHOULD HAVE WROTE THAT BOOK). For example, one of the questions was: Name one thing your really good at? Macie's response: bugging my brothers. really?! This could have been an endless option of answers. Macie's good at everything and "bugging her brothers" was her first thought. Geez! Oh - wait! It gets better. Here's another question. What do you like to do at home? Macie's response: Clean (lol) the counter tops. what?! are you joking! Who says that?! For the record she's done that like once or twice. I'm sure her teacher thinks I have "great" parenting skills. Here again her options were endless and she chose cleaning. O well, it made me laugh.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Not Ready

Tomorrow is Macie's 1st day of school. I'm a little sad she won't be with me during the day, but she is besides herself with excitement. Her teacher gave the parents a piece of paper and wanted us to write our children a letter for the first day of school. I could have wrote a book of course. It's hard to tell them how much you love them, remember your manners and to do your very best on just a few lines. But I'm really not ready for the boys to go to school..

I took this picture today as we were taking their school supplies to school.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The bulldog

This was my birthday cake - lol...Remember we were celebrating my birthday, so I got a cake and we were also celebrating the kids either going back to school or starting school. Since their mascot is a bulldog I thought this would be a good comprise. What ever way you look at it the cake looks awesome. That girl did an outstanding job!!

Cupcakes For Breakfast!

Here's what we had for breakfast this morning. Cupcakes!! Eli woke up literally at the crack of dawn to tell me "Happy Birthday" - what a sweet boy! The Spongebob wrapper scored me huge points, btw.

Eli ALWAYS blows his candles out early. He just can't help himself - haha

The partying doesn't stop here. Tonight we're having a starting/back to school party. Woo-hoo!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Eve

Today marked the day before my birthday, so the kids and I are making our breakfast ahead of time. I must say the kids are more excited about my birthday than their own - hahaha They're gonna love my birthday breakfast :0)
The photos aren't that good, but keep in mind the age of the photographers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Ready

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. My computer has had some problems and we've been busy with school orientations. All 3 kids love their new upcoming teachers. The boys got in the same class, which I'm very thankful for. It's going to be a new, exciting, but heart breaking time in the next couple days. I believe everyone is ready nonetheless.
Here's an interesting fact for ya. All 3 kids were the exact same height upon entering kindergarten. Funny when you think of it b/c the boys started out so small.
Another season of soccer for everyone is right around the corner as well. Will post pictures and video when my computer is fixed.