Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Am I?

For the ones that know me - see if you can find't be hard..

If ya can't tell - I had an unfriendly teacher who I also rec'd swats from..First and last time for being paddled at school. I also remember crying every day when my mom dropped me off. EVERY DAY of the school year..

Monday, April 19, 2010

1st Scrimmage

This was the end to our busy weekend. The boys had 3 practices and one scrimmage game last week and that's not counting Macie's gymnastics and soccer. The picture caption here should be
Best Buddies For Life! They're starting a new experience together and it's pretty neat to witness.

Here's mister Eli waiting in the dugout to bat. Check out their helmets. Pretty awesome!

Again, check out that helmet. I have to point out that was free hand.

Austin on deck to bat.

Eli played pitcher most of the time and did very well.

This is two consecutive pictures. Boom!

Boom! Austin played 3rd and has a cannon of an arm. That boy can throw the ball!

Eli tryin for an out at 3rd.

He's looking at Jason to figure out where to throw the ball.

Jason thinks Eli is the only kid that can get out while being upset - haha.

Eli is a good pitcher!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here's the start to our very busy weekend. Macie struggled the first two quarters with tiredness. And this little girl from the other team was outstanding.

When I watch Macie play soccer she reminds me of a Cheetah. She'll get her 2nd wind and there is NO ONE that can stop her. When she gets that 2nd wind she's very determined and her speed is powerful. In these next pictures it's the last quarter-Macie already scored twice during the 3rd & 4th quarters. She's played the whole time and pretty tired. She got the ball and ran right past us. So naturally we're yelling "run Macie, run"..And remember that other girl is GOOD.

Yup your seeing it correctly - Macie out ran her. In all fairness I'm sure that little girl was tired, and she tried hard to get the ball away from Macie. I think Macie was thinking to herself "you ain't touchin this"


My battery was low on my camera, so I was trying to be conservative and missed MY CHILD, WHO IS SHY AND QUIET, burst out in a little dance. hahahaha!!! It's very unlike Macie, but I loved it.

Jason and Macie made a deal last weekend if she scored 3 goals he'd give her $5. But she only scored twice. Notice her fingers in this picture. She's counting!!!! hahhaaaaa...That's my girl - countin that money..It's collection time!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Party

Here's the cake the boys agreed on. I have to say I was impressed!
Austin picked this one.
Eli picked this one.
So before we started singing Jason asked the boys if they knew what to do (like when to blow out their candles). Yeah they knew they said. So we're singing in this picture.
Here's where it gets funny - We're singing the Happy Birthday song and to the part where you sing "happy birthday dear Austin & Eli - and Eli is like forget this I'm blowing out these candles. Look at Austin - lol - he knows it's not time yet.

But look at Austin here - we're still singing and it's not time yet..Peer pressure - lmao Eli is thinking "man i blew them out too soon" - LOL!!
"What are you doing? You said you knew what to do" says Jason..Austin said we were taking too long - lol

The boys got money and all the toys they wanted. Thanks to everyone who bought them presents and gave them money. You made their day very special. Austin told me today he was tired of being 4 and he held up 4 fingers -lol...
There was one present Austin didn't get and I have the picture of the disappointment below. Austin wanted a truck, trailer and 2 motorcycles. He was hoping Macie or I would buy it for him. This was his sad face after opening Macie's present this morning. Later he told me he liked it. I had no idea how much this vehicle meant to him. So 8:00 tomorrow morning you know where we'll be - AT WAL-MART

Birthday Breakfast

This morning the kids wanted McDonald's after a trip to the donut shop turned out unsuccessful. I think my kids have had breakfast at McDonald's maybe a handful of times, but they said it was "the best". For my kids birthdays we always do a birthday breakfast. All 3 ordered 3 pancakes and sausage. Eli had a sausage biscuit instead of plain sausage. I have to say Macie and Austin ate all their breakfast. Where in the world does all that food go in such little bodies - lol...Of course I was taking pictures and I'm sure the people eating thought our visit was a first - lol!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only Yesterday

It feels like yesterday that I was insanely pregnant and in labor debating whether to go to the hospital or not. I remember toughing it out until 3a.m. and I'm glad I didn't wait cause these 2 cuties were coming regardless of what I thought. Today we're celebrating their 5th birthday and as I sit here writing this blog I'm wondering "how is this possible". In my mind they were this little only yesterday. It saddens me that my children are growing up, but then again I'm happy cause we're finally able to just "up and leave".

I can honestly say through their infant days Jason and I remained in a fog or our only little world so to speak. I can only remember bits and with Macie I remember everything.

I consider myself an expert by now.

I'm very proud of my boys. They are well-behaved, honest and love one another. I just hope that continues :0) I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friday '10

I know in a previous post I said I wouldn't post any more pics of my nephew Henry, but I lied. Here's a slide show of the day Henry was born.

Balloon Rockets

One of the things the Easter bunny brought my kids were balloon rockets. I'd never heard of them before, until a lady at Wal-Mart mentioned them. I thought since my bunch likes rockets I'd give them a try. WOW!! Huge success! Only problem - it's very hard (almost impossible) to blow up a balloon that's never been blown up before..Whew - but they got easier. O and the best part - they are $1. 5 balloons to a pack.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm an AUNT!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brave Boys!

Big day today! School physical for the boys with shots at the end. Here they are waiting for their names to be called. With Macie's school physical they asked her all kinds of questions. For example: when is your birthday, what's your address, what town do you live in, mommy and daddy's names, mommy's phone number. So I made sure the boys were prepared. They knew the answers to all these questions. Before the doctor came in Eli kept asking me "What is our address again"? haha And all the docor asked was how old will they be on their birthday's. boo!

Here's Eli getting measured. Him and Austin are the exact same height. As normal Eli weighed just a hair more than Austin.

Austin getting his blood pressure taken.

The boys also had their fingers pricked and urine tested. First time for peeing in a cup. Austin thought that was pretty cool, but Eli said it was embarrassing. I don't think he liked the nurse looking at his urine. lol. Eli said he didn't have to go, but dang near over-flowed the cup - lol...We about had a mess! :0) We love our doctor. He's so good with the kids. He came in - tap dancing, which the boys thought was funny. After he left Eli said he thought he should be a dancer instead of a doctor. :) Then came the shots. Austin went first and did wonderful. On the last 2 shots he thought about crying, but it was over before he could think twice. Eli was scared and was clinging to me for dear life. He did not want to lay on the table, but he never cried or flinched. He did awesome as well! Then off to Braum's as promised. Eli ended up with Birthday Cake ice cream and Austin picked Orange Sorbet.

About half way thru the ice cream Austin didn't want his anymore, so Eli gave the rest of his to Austin.

So we ended up with 2 boys with blue faces. Next stop Chick-fil-a.

Happy April Fools Day!!!!

Eli April Fools all year long, so I'll have to compile a list of all the ones we pull tomorrow.