Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here's Macie 2 minute lesson on how to ride her new electric scooter she got from papaw Doug and mamaw Karen for her birthday. Hysterical!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What we do when it's warm outside

Here's what we do when the weather is warm outside.
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The Best Yet

Macie played the best basketball game of her life yesterday. Of course there was some incentive involved, but it worked. She was dead all first half, but came ALIVE in the second. The incentive was a $1 for any offensive or defensive move. Her first point the ref was in my way, but it was a side shot, with girls all over her and nuthin but the net, baby.....She then swats the ball away from the girl she's guarding. Her next move is her first rebound of the season, then scores. This is the video. The video starts after she got the rebound (turn down your volume, for the obvious).

With less than a minute left she STEALS THE BALL, DIBBLES DOWN AND SCORES. Again nuthin but the net. I had two freakin cameras and miss this. I can't understand how that happened. So her total dollar amount came to $9.

6 points = $6
1 swat= $1
1 rebound =$1
1 steal = $1
total + $9


Here we are bowling for the first time. Not WII bowling, real bowling. The kids loved it at first, but the mood slowly dwindled. The kid balls were still too heavy for the boys. Macie did alright, bowled a strike and decided that was where her b-day party will be this year. I won of course!

Big Ear

For the past week now Austin's been dealing with a severe ear canal infection. Poor guy was in pain for several days and after taking two antibiotics orally and antibiotic drops for his ear he's finally feeling a little better. However, the inside of his ear still looks milky and his ear is sensitive to touch. I foresee a ENT visit in our near future. Here's a picture of his good ear.

Here's the big, bad ear. It was so swollen and I'd never seen anything like it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well here is Eli's face piece he has to wear at night to help correct his under bite. The orange things sticking out are cut up bandannas. They told us the pads on the chin and forehead will chap and break out his skin - which it has a little. I've fixed the problem, though. It now looks and feels better to him. Poor guy doesn't like wearing this. He's very embarrassed by the whole deal, but he's doing awesome with it during the night.

He has a retainer in his mouth. The rubber bands hook onto the retained and mouth piece. I'm hoping this works b/c the alternative doesn't sound good.

I guess Macie's mouth is next..

Friday, January 28, 2011

She's bbbaaaaaaacckkk

We had a very exciting surprise waiting for us when we got home Wednesday night. Samantha returned home after a very short, quick visit from the hospital. As promised she's good as new.

The hospital form said to expect 2-3 weeks for your doll to be returned. Macie asked every day about Samantha and I would tell her maybe she'll be home around Valentine's Day. I never expected she'd be gone a total (including shipping) of 8 days.

Even though she knew we didn't buy a new American Girl she wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's on her way

Samantha is on her way to the hospital to get her hand fix from being attacked by a dog. I decided it'd be fun to track her route. (Hopefully I won't screw this up)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chuck E's first skating confession

The boys went to their 1st "friend" bday party. It was at Chuck E Cheese, which they've never been cause of the germs..hahahahahahahahaaaaa To keep them from being labeled as "the weird kids" we had to let them go. And of course they loved it!! Eli's face lit up as we walked in and him and Austin both loved playing all the games. Eli really got into Chuck E Cheese as well. He even honked Chuck E's nose- hahahahahaaaa. Like I said he was PUMPED UP. Austin on the other hand wasn't all that impressed with the mouse (Jason's son).

Macie also had her 1st confession this Saturday, which she wasn't sure about but did fine.

Macie had her first skating party today. She's never skated a day in her life. She went from totally hating it to totally lovin it. And yes I skated as well. It's been 20+ years, but I gave it a whirl and will probably regret it in the morning.
Towards the end she even tried by herself and did pretty good.