Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st Soccer Game of 2009

Tonight was Macie's 1st freezing soccer game of the Spring 2009 season. She scored one amazing goal..I'm not sure what happened, but I think she did one hard kick then got tripped and fell down, but the ball went in the goal..A-mazing!!!! No picture of that!! Not sure why!

We have an incredible player..Kuddos to Omar!! That little guy has some skillz..The whole team played well and we won..Not supposed to keep score, but in this house WE ALWAYS KEEP SCORE.


the alder boys said...

No worries!!! We keep score around here too!!!! Way to go Macie!! You need to get with Maggie and teach her some of your skills! She hasn't played in a couple of years!

Rachel Brown said...

Go MACIE!!! Maggie I am afraid will be the dog running around the pack of sheep. She has NO SKILLS poor thing.