Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baseball and Sugar

Macie had her last fun day as a 1st grader the other day. I was amazed that EVERY one in Macie's class knew how to do this "Lemonade, Crunchy Ice" hand clapping game. I'd never heard it before, but it's very cute. I'll have to learn this over the summer :0) Macie has sat beside this cute, sweet girl in the picture all year long. Couldn't have asked for a nicer person.

I love this picture!
Eli hit his 1st triple the other night.
Austin hit the game winning hit the other night as well. We won our first game! Our team really played well.

We're at the Sugar Shack with our neighbor friends right before the rain hit yesterday. This was a nice and fun after school snack. My kids love the Trantham girls. I hope they believe in arranged marriages :0)

It was lightning pretty good, so they took shelter.

Here's our scooby-doo girls!! If you can't tell the color was very green, which makes for an awesome snow cone.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chicken legs, rose petals & bears

Tonight was the first night EVER the kids have had chicken legs. Here's the boys eating their 2nd legs from the bone.

To make sure Macie knew how special she was I put rose petals & bath beads in her bath. She absolutely loved it. I tried to video her surprise, but messed up.

Here's Eli inside "big bear's" shirt. This bear originally belonged to Macie. When she was 2yrs old this bear was her Valentine present.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The first & only thing I think when I see this picture is RUN! AUSTIN R-U-N!! Somehow he ended up safe. Good job Austin!

Eli thought it was funny Austin ran and handed him the ball.

Baseball buddies! My whole household loves this little boy! He has a great personality.

Eli tried sssssooooo hard to get this boy out. (I realize these pictures are blurry, but Eli tried too hard not to share)
I think he half tripped half dove for the boy right before he touched home plate. Eli didn't make it in time, but gave it his all. He's all heart & soul.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Emotionally Involved

We had 4 ballgames this week counting the boys and Jason. The boys games are exhausting on all levels, and I'm just a bench warmer :0) But my boys absolutely love playin ball.

Eli plays pitcher and plays his heart out. He gets upset b/c no one listens to him when he yells "get ready". He tries his hardest to get every runner out and gets extremely discouraged when he doesn't. Poor guy has a lot to learn about the rules of baseball. He just doesn't understand with every batter comes a different scenario, but he will be an awesome player someday right along with his brother.

I love this intense face. He's like this with every single batter.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sleep Mask

Jason HAS slept with the t.v. on - for almost 11 years now and during that time I've felt like I've had a huge spot light in my eyes while trying to sleep. My sweet considerate son Austin got me the one present for Mother's Day that I have longed to have for years - A SLEEP MASK. AAaawww, it's awesome and I have to admit I have been sleeping better, but Jason begs to differ. He says since "The Mask" I repeatedly toss and turn and steal the covers, which turns into him not sleeping (maybe he will get a sleep mask for Father's Day) hehehe...So last night or in the wee hours of this morning I hear a tiny voice calling out for me - momma. I immediately think it's Macie, so I get up and run to her room only to find her soundly asleep. So of course my next thought is - the boys. So I run to their room and find them sleeping soundly, all the while Jason is trailing behind me...hehehehehehe (O boy, I just now realize how crazy we sound). Obviously I was dreaming, but I still swear it was real. I used to laugh at Jason cause he'll do that from time to time. Thinks he hears something and vvrroooommmm, off he goes in a dramatic act - now I'm acting the same way - lol!!! Point being - maybe the mask wasn't such a good idea.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fishing Tournament

The kids went to their first fishing tournament this morning. Austin was awake at 6:50a.m READY TO GO! Eli was so funny this morning. He kept tellin everyone to be quiet.

We thought Austin caught something.

A.N.D he did!! We call this a "stick fish"

Austin & Papaw Mark tryin a different fishing method

These boys are watching some other people reel in a fish.

Here's miss Macie thinking she caught a fish, but didn't..

We'll be back next year better prepared. It was super windy today, which probably didn't help.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pictures of the Week

Eli yells at Austin "GET READY"!

TAG!! Your O-U-T!

Not sure if the runner is safe or out here. Proud of Eli for stretching out those legs.

Check out Austin's face. lol!!

The coach on the other team kept tellin his batters "hit it to 3rd, hit it to 3rd". Well, my boy is playing 3rd and he can & will throw you out - so I was sayin "yeah, please hit to 3rd"

See what I tell ya about can and will throw your butt out!

Hurry back to the pitchers mound

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stroke of Genius

Macie lost yet another tooth the other day and she was wondering "out loud" what the tooth fairy would bring her this time. She was saying the tooth fairy has left fairy dust, a letter, and of course money. The letter really puzzled and bothered everyone. The kids just couldn't figure out how and where she got the pencil and paper. They asked me and of course I've never seen the tooth fairy, so how would I know? Right?! I guess she's -magical! Then Eli, bless his soul, comes up with the smartest answer. He says the tooth fairy's wand is magic and the tip turns into a pencil. Pretty dang smart for a 5yr old...


All 3 of my children have been wonderful here lately..Macie has been working extremely hard with school work at home and recently scored really well on her DRA test at school. She's also tried her best and played awesome during her soccer games this season. The boys have started t-ball and have also done very well. My boys pay attention on the field and listen to Jason carefully on what to do. All 3 kids want to do the right thing to make us happy :0) SO......Jason and I decided to go to a restaurant that we've never been to before. It's fairly new, but not that new. Seems like everyone, but us has eaten there at least 5x's already. It's the kind of restaurant where they cook your food in front of you, so we thought the kids would really enjoy it and they did - kinda. My kids like a lot of attention from people they know, but not all that crazy about personal attention from strangers, so when the chef started throwing little pieces of egg and chicken in the air for us to catch in our mouth they got a little uncomfortable - lol I took the best picture of Eli during the lighting of the grill when huge flames shoot up, but unfortunately my camera memory was full. The fire and smoke bothered Eli's eyes.
No one caught the food but Jason. I literally had egg on my face, but I'm a good sport - I laughed. Macie and Eli warmed up and tried it, Macie and Eli are the type of children where they will try anything once and laugh and giggle regardless - but Austin is another story. He's the anti-social one of the group. To give him credit he tried once and the chef laughed and that was it - Austin was ready to go home. Didn't like his $10 meal, didn't like the chef and didn't want to stay one second longer - lol...As a more successful reward the kids helped me make Rocky Road Brownies which they loved. Sunday morning we woke up and went to pick strawberries with mamaw Patti and the kids had a blast. We couldn't stop picking. Our buckets were so full Austin was carrying strawberries in his hands (which is how we grocery shop. our buggy is overflowing and kids are loaded down-carrying bags of food - hahahaha).