Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Update

Here's a picture of Macie getting her hair spray painted at Spring Fling..She wanted her pony tail painted purple, which didn't show up, but she thought it was way cool.
This little letter was posted outside her classroom wall..Too cute!!!
It reads: Once upon a time my dog named bud was scared of the wind and he ran into his dog house.
This is the present mamaw donna got the boys for their bday. They totally love it!!!
I was going through Macie's folder a while ago and came across another letter Macie had written about her brothers bday party. I so love this!!! This is in Macie's words:
oN Satuarday it wus my bruths BirthDay thay a lot of Toys and Eli. Got legos Astin to. We had it at the pizz plas. Thay got to opin a tos of presis.

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Rachel Brown said...

So cute. Don't you love how they write? Love the table!