Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And Then Came.....

A minute later Eli - aka baby b was born. Eli was breach and had been for awhile. My doctor kept talking about a breach extraction, where he'd just pull the baby out feet first. Simple as that!! whatever!! If you've ever had a child you know it's not simple as that, so I was like "well I trust you and all, but that doesn't seem real appealing to me". Thank goodness we didn't do that cause the cord was around Eli's neck. Eli was the bigger (in ounces and length) twin just by a hair.
As I stated in the post of Austin, I didn't see the boys until the 2nd day. Eli had some minor breathing problems so he had to stay under this little hood for several hours, then under the lamp for jaundice. Sorry I don't know all the medical lingo for this stuff.
He's a mama's boy I'm proud to say (but realize that won't last long)..Like Austin-Eli is a very sweet, sweet boy.

I swear this isn't the same picture as in Austin's post haha..I've always said this, when I look back it seems like so long ago since they were born, but yet they've grown up so fast. Make sense?

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