Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Shots

It literally seems like yesterday when the boys were born. And today I have to lead them to "the slaughter" so to speak - SCHOOL SHOTS. I've been up front with them, so they know where we're going and what to expect. I honestly think they will be fine. Macie is my "scared to death" of needles child. They were saying tonight that they were scared for tomorrow and didn't want to go to school. It was cute listening to Macie tell them all about school and how fun it is. I think the best part for them will be lunch and snack - lol..I asked who was going first and neither would say - so since Austin is the oldest "by a minute" I chose him to go first. But Braum's afterwards so Eli can get his "grape" ice cream (I know there is no grape).

Here's some of my favorite pictures of the boys. Seems like yesterday they were this small! :0(

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Post of Eli

Since I'm freaky weird about germs my kids never go near Santa or the Easter Bunny at the mall. We just smile, wave friendly hellos and keep walking..lol Now I say "never", but I think Macie has sat on the mall Santa's lap once and that was enough for me. Anyways, this week we saw the Easter Bunny at the mall and did our usual routine as we walked by. Today in the car Eli says:
Eli: I have a question
Me: Yes
Eli: Is the Easter Bunny real?
Jason: Of course he's real
Eli: Wweeeeelllll - he looked kinda fake to me

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

He Used To Be Little

Almost one year ago this little guy was preparing for his 1st b-day (well he wasn't but his momma & grandma were) :0) And another year has come and gone.

And he's grown so much during the year. Your a big boy now, Blake! I wished I had his dads baby pictures. Those two are damn near identical :0) Hey Bev post one on your blog will ya?

I love this picture! He did so good tonight. Doesn't get much cuter than this.

Hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday, BLAKE!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Griswold's Go To the Big D

About a month ago a deal was made between Jason and Macie that part of her birthday present would be visiting the American Girl store in Dallas. So that day was yesterday. We'd had this weekend in mind for a few weeks and was kinda hoping for yucky weather back home, so we wouldn't waste a perfectly warm weekend in the car. Be careful what ya wish for. Half way to Dallas it started sleeting and Jason wanted to turn back but I disagreed. I said it was 70 Friday how could anything possibly stick? (I'm going to answer that question in a bit) Anyway after doing our usual "thing" in a big city we finally find the AG store and it was by shear luck. O BTW whoever invented the U-TURN lanes is a freaking GENIUS!!! THANK YOU!!! I used them about 3x's in a matter of 5 minutes. Macie was beyond excited as soon as she saw the AG store. Here's Macie getting Lanie who is the American Girl Doll of the Year (2010). She also got Lanie's matching outfit and a bathing
suit set for Lanie.

The dolls had their own beauticians. I'm assuming they fix the dolls hair however you wish. We did not do that.
For dinner we decided to eat at a known Mexican food chain. We'd eaten at one before in Dallas and liked it. This time it was horrid! No one ate their meal except Eli. Jason took a bite of Macie's taco and had to spit it out - hahahaaaaa. Sunday morning we hit a Dunkin' Donuts which we'd never ate before. As you can see - HUGE HIT! Our best meal yet. Jason couldn't wait to get home so this was 6am in the morning.

I told Jason the next time we go to a big city we're wearing t-shirts that say "hillbillies from Arkansas". lol. We are terrible travelers. We always pick the worst places to stay and eat. The boys did not do well at the mall, but man was it a mall. The biggest one I've ever been too. As usual Dallas chewed us up and spit us out. So back to the weather. It was supposed to snow but not stick says the weatherman. When we left Dallas it wasn't bad. But soon discovered the overpasses hundreds of feet in the air, zigzagging all over Dallas were - ICY!! Thankfully the traffic wasn't bad at 7am. If your needing to make a getaway-7am on Sunday morning is the time to do it. I bet we saw 200 cars in the ditch. The roads in Texas were worse than Oklahoma and Arkansas combined and ya know what? We never once saw sand trucks or road crews in Texas. We could only drive 30mph so it took us 3 hours to get outta Texas (and we weren't even in the heart of Dallas). I have no clue where we are here - Richardson maybe. In this picture see the small poles in the median. Those poles are connect by like cable wire or something. We soon found out if your car tries to run though the wire it'll slice through your car like a warm knife in butter.

We saw this getting off the exit in Roland. He slid off the interstate.

My kids were amazing the whole trip. They were so ready to get outta the car. And no one vomited, which is a huge plus. We took a barf bucket in case, though. It took us 6 1/2 hours to get home. This is what we heard as we pulled into our neighborhood.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday night we all gathered for the Upward Celebration Ceremony. The celebration was in honor of all the basketball players and cheerleaders in the Upward leagues this year. The video below is Macie being announced. That's Eli and I you hear cheering. Of course Austin wasn't impressed and wanted to go home (sound familiar)

I'll be honest, I really didn't know what to expect. I was thinking this celebration was going to be more along the lines of church, but wasn't for sure. This was our first time with Upward. The entertainment was an Illusionist named Jared Hall. Let me just say he was phenomenal!! He had us laughing our heads off and the kids were going W-I-L-D!!!
I'm so glad we became apart of this organization. It exceeded all our expectations and the celebration was awesome. As a gift from the organization every child received a basketball goal that fits on the back of a door with a small rubber inflatable basketball. Our basketball goal is on the boys bathroom door and is a HUGE hit at our house.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And then there were 3

Here's some of the last Amy & Eric pictures E-V-E-R!! Baby Henry could come any day now. He really could, Amy. His days are numbered.
We tried to go for belly shots, but Amy your just not that big. Even if I didn't get a good "belly" shot I think these are still good pictures.


Another year has flown by in a blink of an eye. Macie turned 7 last week. We didn't do a whole lot party wise. These pictures here are of her opening presents from our wonderful family. Macie's main "party" and present is getting to go to The American Girl Store to shop. She wanted money so money is what she got with a few small gifts to unwrap. I couldn't post every picture so I picked the ones where she smiled the biggest. She was THRILLED to get so much money - hahahaha-who isn't, right?

I believe she was a tad embarrassed here. This card was from her aunt Samantha. Macie is boy crazy to the extreme so naturally she loves the Jonas Brothers. Another thing that was cool was that this year she could read all her b-day cards. Kinda neat!

These pictures are all outta order. Sorry I'm too tired to change it. This was the first present she opened and it was from Eli. He was so proud of himself for picking this out for Macie. The suspense of keeping a secret about killed him. Him and Austin are wonderful brothers. Not sure about the look on Eli's face - lol (it's kinda like "yeah, i know i'm good" look)

Macie's b-day turned out kinda cool. At her school her class won a pizza party for being the quietest in the cafeteria and got a visit from Chuck E Cheese. Just so happens this happened on Friday. So here's lil miss Macie as her classmates are singing Happy Birthday - cha, cha, cha - Happy Birthday to you-cha, cha, cha..At every pause in the song all 20 kids would yell CHA, CHA, CHA!! It was cute!!!

This was before school. Jason and I got her a Zhu, Zhu pet - of course she loved it.

I made rainbow pancakes for the b-day girls special breakfast. I originally got the idea from Big D & Bubby but they didn't have a recipe. Google sent me to a lady whose blog was like mine until she posted about these pancakes. These pancakes I believe have caused her all kinds of heartache. She said she rec'd all kinds of hate mail regarding these things..I thought it was a good idea and my kids loved'em..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Macie's shot!!

Macie's coaches wife, which many of you SHS students probably had and remember, recorded Macie making her shot today..You can't actually see the ball going in, but by Macie's reaction you know she scored. This was kinda what the coach was talking about during his speech earlier today..Her reaction after she scored for the very first time was priceless, but again this was today.

I have probably watched this short video 20x's w/in the past 5 mins. And if you listen carefully I think I hear Jason yell
S-H-O-O-T as the ball is airborne. And people think I'm loud :0)

End of another chapter

Today was Macie's last b-ball game. To celebrate the last game and her bday I brought cookies for the girls and the coach handed out trophies. Macie scored 14pts this season.. - GO MACIE! She did amazing EVERY SINGLE game.

As the coach handed out trophies he shared his most memorable moment about each girl. What he said about Macie just about made me cry. He said he'd never forget how excited Macie got every time she scored a point. He said what he remembered most was when she made her very first one and how she just stopped on the court and put both hands in the air in victory. It's like the world stopped just for a moment - to holler out a HELL YEAH! lol....He also mentioned she did a great job memorizing her bibles verses each week.

Macie's coach and teammates were awesome. Great group of people that we were honored to surround ourselves around these last two months.

Now let soccer and baseball BEGIN...........

P.S. Once the boys got better we told them we'd take them to McDonald's for a hamburger and Braums for ice cream. Well today they are better and Eli knew it was McDonald's day. At 6:00 this morning I hear - YAY!! I get a hamburger from McDonald's today....I love that kid!!! He's sssssssoooooo funny!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baseball/soccer Shoes and the Skinny..

Here's my poor Austin - skin & bones..He was skinny to begin with, but you add 5 days of vomiting to the mix and you get this...He looks so bad..We're going to McDonald's tomorrow for lunch and Braum's tomorrow night for dessert.. And eating as much as possible in between :0)

Eli is thin also but not as bad as Austin

Everyone is getting hooked up with baseball/soccer cleats..Austin's jeans wouldn't even stay up today and they were adjusted as much as possible..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More of Macie's writings

Before we go into Macie's most recent letter let me fill you in on what she's talking about. The boys are playing 1st year t-ball this year and tryouts were held last Sunday. The tryouts were just for team placement so both teams could have the same amount of talent. Well Eli was sick with the stomach bug and couldn't go, but Austin went w/o him.....and eventually got sick out on the field - but that's another story for another post...I will mention Austin scored the highest out of 25 kids..WAY TO GO AUSTIN!! And that's playin sick - imagine what he's gonna do when he feels good..hahahahahaaaaa HE'S GONNA TEAR IT UP....THAT'S WHAT! :0) Eli is equally as good may I add...

Here's Macie's story:
On Friday my brothers not me got sick at baseball practes. Thay ran laps four times. It was odd? Thay hit a cuped of time. but I lost track. He wus good!!! There wur lots of jugig there and lots of kids too. Austin wus the best!!! As you can see he wus very lucky.

So she is saying: On Friday (it was really Sunday) my brothers not me got sick at baseball practice. They ran laps four times. It was odd? lol They hit a couple of times, but I lost track lol. He was good!! There were lots of jogging there and lots of kids too. Austin was the best!! As you can see he was very lucky.

On a side note - Jason keeps talking about going to Hooters and Macie has a cow every time (apparently she knows how the ladies dress), so I keep tellin him that's going to be our next letter...My dad goes to Hooters..................................... LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!