Monday, May 25, 2009


Tonight we took the kids to their first ever rodeo. I'm going try and describe our evening. On our way to the rodeo all 3 kids were extremely excited, once we got there we waited in line for an hour for our tickets. Once we sat down Austin was ready to go home and the rodeo hadn't even started yet. Everyone had a late lap in hopes they could stay up late - no such luck. The rodeo started at 7:30 and by 8:30 everyone was whining, and wanting to go home. I mean they acted like it was midnight-haha. Eli was fascinated by the bulls. Macie and Austin liked the horses. The boys kept complaining about the "smell" and Austin wanted Jason to ride a horse HAHAHAHA". I'd actually pay to see that too..

Eli was making a "neigh" sound here.

I made sure I had my camera this time. Check out these "mac daddy" boots. Nice, huh?


Rachel Brown said...

Are those Jasons boots???

The Sharum's said...

nnnnnooooo - hahahaha