Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Because I'm so beautiful

The last couple of days Macie's been coming home from school with scraped knees and it's from her chasing boys around. Last night in the tub I asked her why she was chasing Bobby (not his real name) well here's how the conversation went:
me: you need to play with little girls and stop chasing these boys. why were you chasing Bobby?
macie: he was making kissy faces at me - then she demonstrated - then said how kissing at school was against the rules
me: yeah kissing is nasty. you spread a ton of germs. how come Bobby never chases you?
macie: cause i think he's jealous of me
me: what! why would Bobby be jealous of you?!
macie: cause i'm so beautiful


hunt2921 said...

That is awesome i can see her saying that.

The Sharum's said...

it's "jason" coming out in her..

hunt2921 said...

It is straight from Jasons book