Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun Day

Macie's school had a fun day Friday..The day was a 2 hour, screaming fun, loud music, popsicle, sunburn bliss..
Eli wanted to play with Macie so bad. So Macie was leading him to the sidewalk chalk. Remember Eli is the outgoing twin. I felt more like Austin's Siamese twin since he was attached to my leg the whole time. Macie's an awesome big sister!
Too sweet!!
Super excited that she was having a fun day at her school.
The boy in red is one of the boys she likes to torment on the playground.
And here's Macies sweet, sweet teacher. We will miss her so.


Rachel Brown said...

How much FUN!!!

the alder boys said...

Oh that makes me miss the days when I was teaching! So fun!!!