Friday, May 15, 2009


Happy Anniversary to Jason and I. Today we're celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary - yea us!!! For the ones that don't know us well, I met Jason in 7th grade at Chaffin Junior High. We had a love/hate relationship in 8th grade. He said I looked like a cow daily and I put a thumb tack in his chair - hahahaha (that's one of many stories)..I could write a whole book on our relationship, but will spare you ;0)

I hope to have many more anniversaries..

Here we are about to leave for both Northside/Southside Prom '95

man I had some bangs!!
St Boniface Church

Here's my bridesmaids: Jennifer Henson, Amber Treadway (made of honor) and my sister in law Amy Sharum


hunt2921 said...

Wow you both look so young at prom I bet Jason was just a skinny then as he is now.

Happy Anniversary

The Sharum's said...

o he was a lot skinnier!! i think he weighed 150lbs..

hunt2921 said...

I think his body is the same size he just got a bigger head it has swollen over the years and never came back down.

Rachel Brown said...

Well u think u look a lot younger now oh and you forgot to put happy anniversary "honey"

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary. I love to read your blog, in some ways it's like reading my own. Tim and I are going to have our 10 yr. anniversary in June. Anyway, hope you had a great one!