Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Weird Twin Thing?

Okay, so the boys are boxing on the wii and they can never beat each other. Is that a twin thing? It's so fascinating to watch..They knock each other down at the same time and they've even knocked each other out at the same time. Too weird!! I guess they have the same skillz. Though I do have to admit tonight Eli won twice and this is the first time for that, so Austin is bummed..What's really fun to watch is them playing baseball. ;0)


Heather said...

ooooh....that is weird. i love hearing weird twin stories!

the alder boys said...

Very crazy!!! I bet that is because they are identical. The have the same genetics and skills!!

Rachel Brown said...

That boxing is hard work. Man that is weird. I get exhausted after like 2 rounds.