Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa and the raccoon

Well today has been quite festive, but yet bizarre..I'll start with the 70+ degree weather - I mean is it really December? I do have to admit though, I love it!! This morning the whole family worked on a Gingerbread house. I've always wanted to do this and

I realize I shouldn't be showing this picture, but everyone needs a good laugh every now and then...Nice, huh. hahahahaha

THEN - Santa came by on the White Bluff Fire Truck..
The kiddos always love seeing Santa..
This evening Macie and I plan on working on her teacher presents, so I'm really hoping those turn out. Thought that counts, right?
Okay folks here's where life gets bizarre..

After hours of being outside mamaw Patti, the kids and I were inside looking through the bags that Santa brought. Jason runs in the door panicky b/c he says a raccoon is in the garage..
Jason's like the lion in Wizard of Oz before he gets his courage - hahahahahahaha..Jason said he saw his fishing poles moving and he was thinking "what the hell". Then went to look and about crapped his pants..Thank God for his dad, who was here at the time and lassoed the raccoon and drug it out of the garage..I mean "REALLY A RACCOON", have you ever known of such a thing happening..I can understand a mouse, but a RACCOON. I'm just hoping it hasn't been there long.. I'll tell you one thing though, shim (she/he) was pissed off about that rope. Shim was hissing and thrashing at that shovel. So anyone in my neighborhood WATCH OUT!!! WILD RACCOON ON THE LOOSE..

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Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Louise said...

OMG can't believe you roped the poor thing. I bet the kids almost pooped their pants!