Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Pics of the Year

Yesterday I had an idiotic idea that I'd take pictures of the kids, since I got new picture frames and the kids got cute, new clothes. That was screaming NEW PICTURES, NEW PICTURES!! So I get Macie all cute, which she wasn't all that thrilled about. Then moved onto the boys, which were more thrilled than Macie. I was interrupting their 4-wheeler riding, so needless to say they were not happy..The boys were crying before their pictures and Macie had her meltdown afterwards and I had to drink ;0) If my kids weren't some darn cute I wouldn't be taking their pictures all the time - hahahahahaha..So anyways, here's their last pictures for 2008 (you know their happy as hell)haha.

I forgot to mention that it took all day to get those curls



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