Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Journey Through 2008

This post is simply a look back through 2008. We've crossed some major milestones with Macie turning 5 and starting Kindergarten to finally playing basketball (even though she doesn't want to)..The boys have learned some new dance moves, some cuss words (which we're working on), and best of all POTTY TRAINED - yea!. Some of these pictures need some explaining, so we'll start with me hold a small strawberry. This is hilarious and I shouldn't tell this story, but o well..Jason and I planted strawberries in our urns last Spring, not knowing of course. The picture of the boot and quarter is quite gross and funny. The boot is what Austin swallowed and passed successfully. I believe the story went something like this - Macie told him not to swallow the boot, so he did - hahahaha..Jason about flew the coup cause of this one..Well I guess the other pictures are self explanatory. Have a safe and happy New Year!!!!

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Heather said... is my oldest daugters head when she busted in on the side of the pool this summer. (I'm a nurse, so I have to take pictures of all things gross....can't help it) I wouldn't really call it one of my favorite pictures, but it was definitely one of our most memorable events of 08.