Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making his list - checking it twice..

Santa made his last visit to my house to make sure all the kids would make his "good list"..I'm not sure what the kids thought, but they did good. Macie was so serious the whole time - she was hilarious - BUT she loved her present from Santa..The boys told Santa their names and what they wanted - they loved their gifts also..Austin was look'n out for his momma - he told Santa I wanted some big diamonds - hehehehehe..I've trained them well :0)
Thanks Santa!!

I wanted to add this in real quick..The funniest thing just happened - haahahahahhhhaa I was in the kitchen making out a grocery list and the boys were in their room playing with Santa's toys they received last night and this is what I'm hearing "vvvrrrooooommmmm (car sounds) DAMN IT"...hahahahahahhhaaa Turns out it was Austin...Of course, that word was as plain as day..Austin is a little Jason in so many ways other than looks - hahahahahahahhahahahahaaaa


Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Louise said...

Wow Bevan's beard is so realistic haaaaaaaa. A young Santa Claus. The kids look so happy to see him. And as far as the dammit goes at least it wasn't the F word.

The Sharum's said...

O I'm sure the F bomb will be next!!! Eli said damnit later on in the afternoon and I drug him into the bathroom and threatened soap in his mouth..That was very traumatic for him - hehehehe