Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Shots

It literally seems like yesterday when the boys were born. And today I have to lead them to "the slaughter" so to speak - SCHOOL SHOTS. I've been up front with them, so they know where we're going and what to expect. I honestly think they will be fine. Macie is my "scared to death" of needles child. They were saying tonight that they were scared for tomorrow and didn't want to go to school. It was cute listening to Macie tell them all about school and how fun it is. I think the best part for them will be lunch and snack - lol..I asked who was going first and neither would say - so since Austin is the oldest "by a minute" I chose him to go first. But Braum's afterwards so Eli can get his "grape" ice cream (I know there is no grape).

Here's some of my favorite pictures of the boys. Seems like yesterday they were this small! :0(

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Jennifer said...

Boy, those pictures take me back. I think when we first met, the boys had just come home from the hospital. Time sure flies!