Saturday, March 6, 2010

End of another chapter

Today was Macie's last b-ball game. To celebrate the last game and her bday I brought cookies for the girls and the coach handed out trophies. Macie scored 14pts this season.. - GO MACIE! She did amazing EVERY SINGLE game.

As the coach handed out trophies he shared his most memorable moment about each girl. What he said about Macie just about made me cry. He said he'd never forget how excited Macie got every time she scored a point. He said what he remembered most was when she made her very first one and how she just stopped on the court and put both hands in the air in victory. It's like the world stopped just for a moment - to holler out a HELL YEAH! lol....He also mentioned she did a great job memorizing her bibles verses each week.

Macie's coach and teammates were awesome. Great group of people that we were honored to surround ourselves around these last two months.

Now let soccer and baseball BEGIN...........

P.S. Once the boys got better we told them we'd take them to McDonald's for a hamburger and Braums for ice cream. Well today they are better and Eli knew it was McDonald's day. At 6:00 this morning I hear - YAY!! I get a hamburger from McDonald's today....I love that kid!!! He's sssssssoooooo funny!

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