Friday, March 5, 2010

Baseball/soccer Shoes and the Skinny..

Here's my poor Austin - skin & bones..He was skinny to begin with, but you add 5 days of vomiting to the mix and you get this...He looks so bad..We're going to McDonald's tomorrow for lunch and Braum's tomorrow night for dessert.. And eating as much as possible in between :0)

Eli is thin also but not as bad as Austin

Everyone is getting hooked up with baseball/soccer cleats..Austin's jeans wouldn't even stay up today and they were adjusted as much as possible..


Jennifer said...

Poor kid. That is so tough. Just make sure you don't gain weight with him. ;)

The Sharum's said...

O I know Jennifer..I have enough xtra to hand out.. :0)

I kept praying for me to get it instead of them..