Sunday, March 21, 2010

Griswold's Go To the Big D

About a month ago a deal was made between Jason and Macie that part of her birthday present would be visiting the American Girl store in Dallas. So that day was yesterday. We'd had this weekend in mind for a few weeks and was kinda hoping for yucky weather back home, so we wouldn't waste a perfectly warm weekend in the car. Be careful what ya wish for. Half way to Dallas it started sleeting and Jason wanted to turn back but I disagreed. I said it was 70 Friday how could anything possibly stick? (I'm going to answer that question in a bit) Anyway after doing our usual "thing" in a big city we finally find the AG store and it was by shear luck. O BTW whoever invented the U-TURN lanes is a freaking GENIUS!!! THANK YOU!!! I used them about 3x's in a matter of 5 minutes. Macie was beyond excited as soon as she saw the AG store. Here's Macie getting Lanie who is the American Girl Doll of the Year (2010). She also got Lanie's matching outfit and a bathing
suit set for Lanie.

The dolls had their own beauticians. I'm assuming they fix the dolls hair however you wish. We did not do that.
For dinner we decided to eat at a known Mexican food chain. We'd eaten at one before in Dallas and liked it. This time it was horrid! No one ate their meal except Eli. Jason took a bite of Macie's taco and had to spit it out - hahahaaaaa. Sunday morning we hit a Dunkin' Donuts which we'd never ate before. As you can see - HUGE HIT! Our best meal yet. Jason couldn't wait to get home so this was 6am in the morning.

I told Jason the next time we go to a big city we're wearing t-shirts that say "hillbillies from Arkansas". lol. We are terrible travelers. We always pick the worst places to stay and eat. The boys did not do well at the mall, but man was it a mall. The biggest one I've ever been too. As usual Dallas chewed us up and spit us out. So back to the weather. It was supposed to snow but not stick says the weatherman. When we left Dallas it wasn't bad. But soon discovered the overpasses hundreds of feet in the air, zigzagging all over Dallas were - ICY!! Thankfully the traffic wasn't bad at 7am. If your needing to make a getaway-7am on Sunday morning is the time to do it. I bet we saw 200 cars in the ditch. The roads in Texas were worse than Oklahoma and Arkansas combined and ya know what? We never once saw sand trucks or road crews in Texas. We could only drive 30mph so it took us 3 hours to get outta Texas (and we weren't even in the heart of Dallas). I have no clue where we are here - Richardson maybe. In this picture see the small poles in the median. Those poles are connect by like cable wire or something. We soon found out if your car tries to run though the wire it'll slice through your car like a warm knife in butter.

We saw this getting off the exit in Roland. He slid off the interstate.

My kids were amazing the whole trip. They were so ready to get outta the car. And no one vomited, which is a huge plus. We took a barf bucket in case, though. It took us 6 1/2 hours to get home. This is what we heard as we pulled into our neighborhood.

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beckypreynolds said...

THis is hilarious!!! I love your travel stories!!! I hope to take Rach to an AG store sometime. I guess we need to start saving a small fortune though, right?