Sunday, March 14, 2010


Another year has flown by in a blink of an eye. Macie turned 7 last week. We didn't do a whole lot party wise. These pictures here are of her opening presents from our wonderful family. Macie's main "party" and present is getting to go to The American Girl Store to shop. She wanted money so money is what she got with a few small gifts to unwrap. I couldn't post every picture so I picked the ones where she smiled the biggest. She was THRILLED to get so much money - hahahaha-who isn't, right?

I believe she was a tad embarrassed here. This card was from her aunt Samantha. Macie is boy crazy to the extreme so naturally she loves the Jonas Brothers. Another thing that was cool was that this year she could read all her b-day cards. Kinda neat!

These pictures are all outta order. Sorry I'm too tired to change it. This was the first present she opened and it was from Eli. He was so proud of himself for picking this out for Macie. The suspense of keeping a secret about killed him. Him and Austin are wonderful brothers. Not sure about the look on Eli's face - lol (it's kinda like "yeah, i know i'm good" look)

Macie's b-day turned out kinda cool. At her school her class won a pizza party for being the quietest in the cafeteria and got a visit from Chuck E Cheese. Just so happens this happened on Friday. So here's lil miss Macie as her classmates are singing Happy Birthday - cha, cha, cha - Happy Birthday to you-cha, cha, cha..At every pause in the song all 20 kids would yell CHA, CHA, CHA!! It was cute!!!

This was before school. Jason and I got her a Zhu, Zhu pet - of course she loved it.

I made rainbow pancakes for the b-day girls special breakfast. I originally got the idea from Big D & Bubby but they didn't have a recipe. Google sent me to a lady whose blog was like mine until she posted about these pancakes. These pancakes I believe have caused her all kinds of heartache. She said she rec'd all kinds of hate mail regarding these things..I thought it was a good idea and my kids loved'em..

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe that Macie is 7! Happy late birthday, Sweetie.