Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brave Boys!

Big day today! School physical for the boys with shots at the end. Here they are waiting for their names to be called. With Macie's school physical they asked her all kinds of questions. For example: when is your birthday, what's your address, what town do you live in, mommy and daddy's names, mommy's phone number. So I made sure the boys were prepared. They knew the answers to all these questions. Before the doctor came in Eli kept asking me "What is our address again"? haha And all the docor asked was how old will they be on their birthday's. boo!

Here's Eli getting measured. Him and Austin are the exact same height. As normal Eli weighed just a hair more than Austin.

Austin getting his blood pressure taken.

The boys also had their fingers pricked and urine tested. First time for peeing in a cup. Austin thought that was pretty cool, but Eli said it was embarrassing. I don't think he liked the nurse looking at his urine. lol. Eli said he didn't have to go, but dang near over-flowed the cup - lol...We about had a mess! :0) We love our doctor. He's so good with the kids. He came in - tap dancing, which the boys thought was funny. After he left Eli said he thought he should be a dancer instead of a doctor. :) Then came the shots. Austin went first and did wonderful. On the last 2 shots he thought about crying, but it was over before he could think twice. Eli was scared and was clinging to me for dear life. He did not want to lay on the table, but he never cried or flinched. He did awesome as well! Then off to Braum's as promised. Eli ended up with Birthday Cake ice cream and Austin picked Orange Sorbet.

About half way thru the ice cream Austin didn't want his anymore, so Eli gave the rest of his to Austin.

So we ended up with 2 boys with blue faces. Next stop Chick-fil-a.

Happy April Fools Day!!!!

Eli April Fools all year long, so I'll have to compile a list of all the ones we pull tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

That ice cream looks so good.

On a completely unrelated note, who's your pediatrician?