Friday, March 6, 2009

6 Days Until Macie's 6th Birthday!

Okay, these next 6 days until Macie's 6th birthday will be devoted to her..Everyday I'll post my favorite pictures of her from birth to her 6th birthday. Here's Macie from a few months old to her 1st birthday.

Macie is one of the sweetest little girls I know (I'm a tad bias, but if you knew her you'd agree). Macie holds a special presence in our house, and I must say she's the most popular - hahahaha.. Macie's the type of person that always wants to do the right thing, always tries her best with a smile on her face, easy & outgoing, fun loving, loves to snuggle, loves to try new things, always happy (even on early school mornings), she's caring, kind, hilarious, and absolutely loves playing with her brothers.

Naturally Macie is extremely excited to turn 6, I think b/c most of the kids in her class have already had their birthdays. She's the only March birthday in her class, so all the kids know her birthday's coming, and if they don't - they will :0)..I'll make sure of that!! Birthdays are special days and I'll do my damnest to keep it that way..

I remember each and every photo like it was yesterday..I literally blinked and poof here I am writing about her 6th birthday..Unbelievable! I'll never make it through these post w/o shedding a tear!

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