Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Visits Again

Macie lost her 2nd bottom tooth at bedtime last night. I really thought she'd loose it at school, so before I dropped her off I told her at lunch be extra careful eating and if she chews on something hard spit it out..Picked her up from school-no missing tooth..

Later that evening we go out to eat to celebrate Macie's mamaw Patti's bday. Macie bites down on a delicious cinnamon roll and her tooth starts bleeding. I keep asking her if I can pull it (yes at the table in front of everyone), but she was like NO WAY !
So by bedtime that poor tooth was hanging by a tread, I mean I could have blown real hard on it and it would have fell right out. But at our house "we" believe that when it's ready it'll fall out on it's own. Before she gets into bed she asks "what if I lose my tooth while I'm asleep and I say "o you won't". So Jason and I are in bed watching TV and Macie runs into our room all kinda freaked out. At first I think she's gonna say she saw a mouse (don't ask why) and Jason thought she was gonna say Eli threw up (eli slept with her last night and everyone has colds. I guess puke and rodents are our 2 worst nightmares). But to our happiness she says her tooth fell out..YEA!!!!!!!! It bled quite a bit more than the 1st one did, but she didn't freak out like I thought she would. So the tooth fairy was flying around our house last night, like a bat outta hell, trying to gather up some money..
I have no idea what teeth go for these days and times, but Macie got $5. When I was a kid I only got $1 and maybe $5 for the molars.

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Rachel Brown said...

I am getting ready to get a hammer out and knock all Maggies dog teeth out of her mouth so your tooth fairy can come pay us $5 dollars a tooth!