Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Do I Bother?

For the ones that really know me-you know I love to take pictures. I've been trying for years to get that perfect shot of my kids, so I can get it blown up and hung on my wall..Not a lot to ask for - yeah well apparently it is. I tried to get some birthday pictures of the kids today and here's what usually happens. Let me also add not one of my 3 kids likes for their picture to be taken. This one is okay of Macie, but when we went for the other shots she complained of itching the whole time.
"Something's wrong with my eyes" is what Eli kept saying..Always one that has a problem on picture day. Last time it was Austin, today it's Eli. Even though it was cloudy, I guess the day was still too bright.
And here's Austin being Austin.


Eric and Amy said...

My poor little babies... Maybe his allergies where bothering him....I just can't help but feel sorry for him rubbing those sweet eyes.

The Sharum's said...

It might have been his allergies. I've started everyone on allergy meds..