Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday 13th Party

Hey guys, the birthday parties are almost over - so hang in there..Macie had our family party on Friday 13th. The number 13 proves to be a lucky number for Macie b/c she racked up on the presents. She got a ton of cute, cute clothes, an American Girl bed & accessories, 3 Kit doll outfits, the littlest pet shop wii game & toy, High School Musical dolls and movie, webkinz clothes & carrier, a bracelet making craft and best of all MONEY. For this party her cake came from The Dairy Queen and it was a Reese Cup cake and pretty tasty at that. Macie has the best family in the world, so thank you guys for all Macie's nice gifts.

I do have a cute little story to share..Remember Austin's baby he loves named Nappy. Well he told us this morning for his birthday he wants a bed for Nappy (b/c Macie got a bed for her AG Kit), so while he was over at his mamaw Donna's house she hooked him up with a left over doll bed of my sisters - hahahaa..I'll post pics when I get them.

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