Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On the brink of 6 years old!

These are pictures of Macie age 4-5. Here's when life got a bit busier, Macie accomplished quite a bit & experienced several things within this time period..
  1. she caught her first trout at the White River
  2. she made her first Easter Bunny cake
  3. she played t-ball
  4. she performed in her first ballet/tap recital
  5. she got to see the beach, and play in the sand for the first time
  6. she SCORED HER 1ST SOCCER GOAL. I still get pumped up thinking about that..We LIT that park up that early Saturday morning. WHEW!!! GO MACIE!!
  7. she got her 1st My Twin doll
  8. and her 1st Ben Franklin - that picture cracks me up! It's a "I ain't kidding" look.

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