Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy Day Crafts + A Miracle

The other day I bought the boys these wooden bulldozers at Michael's (love that store btw) for a $1..Yup, love that store! Today Macie had a b-day party to go to, so I thought the boys could work on their bulldozers while we were gone. The guys had other plans for when we were gone, but after nap time Jason put the wooden bulldozers together and let the boys paint their own. Eli was painting his exactly like the picture on the box..Doing pretty good for never have done this before and being 3.
Here's Jason's project that he's had going for some time now. For the people that know Jason this isn't a surprise - but he's going to finish this for me. I'm the one who just had to have this. It looks amazing, I must say.
Now we come to Austin-who was nice enough to let Macie help paint his. These two kept painting over areas that they already painted. So most of this bulldozer is black. Macie says Austin's has the dirty look and Eli said "Austin's look terrible"!!! The boys are still hard to understand, but getting better. It's always the unpleasant, funny statements that come out crystal clear.
I hate rainy days, b/c their boring and make me want to spend money. We finally decided on a picture that we both liked well enough to buy and for the ones that know us you'll agree that a miracle happened today - haha..Jason's not a big fan of poking holes in the walls, but when he does everything has to be measured PRECISELY!
Here's our newest picture-yea!! I really love it. You can't really tell in the picture, but it really looks good on the wall..

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