Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been patiently awaiting the sketch of my kids and I finally got it tonight and I LOVE IT!! Jason works with a guy whose daughter was trying to earn money to go to basketball camp. She's 15 and obviously can draw. Needless to say she met her goal and is going to camp...I can't wait to frame this picture!! I can't keep from looking at it..The picture Jason gave her was our Christmas card picture..She did an amazing job!!
aaaaahhhhhhhhhh Rachel I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Okay here's our Christmas pic

Okay I've just got to mention it..Notice the shirts on the boys in the sketch..What amazing detail!!

*When the kids woke up this morning I showed them their picture and all of them were amazed, but what's funny is when I asked both boys if they knew who was who they both pointed to the other one - hahahaha..Surely they know what they look like?

I'm dying to ask the artist if she thinks they look alike, since she drew their faces..I can tell the differences of each boy in the sketch..

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