Friday, February 6, 2009

A Fun Night

Well tonight was sorta eventful. We received outstanding news on Macie's grades last night, so we told her she could have a toy as a reward for her hard work. She picked a huge turtle at Sam's. The turtle is as big as her, no lie. I sat in the car at Sam's with the boys as Jason and Macie went inside. When they came out all I saw was a turtle walking besides Jason. It was THE funniest thing I'd seen in awhile. I laughed and laughed..

On the way home from Sam's Eli is singing this song: I'll translate below:

Santa Claus coming to town, better not cry, telling you why, better not cry, better not cry, telling you why, Santa Claus coming tttoooo town...Here's the 1st video we took. I think he forgot what he was going to sing for a minute..Too cute!!

Austin wanted his picture taken with his baby that he stole from Macie. Since his baby is the ugliest looking thing -we named her Nappy, but the boys call her Nap nee..So this is his "I'm a bad ass holding a baby face..

And here's how we ended the night. Friday nite slumber. Good nite ya'll..


Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

I love Nappy she just needs a hair makeover. I love it that he loves her!!

The Sharum's said...

Well we hid her for awhile. They tore her hand off, so now she's a crippled nappy..eli found her hand the other day and put it on his fingers (wearing it like a puppet or something)hahahahahha