Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dinner Conversation

Here's our dinner conversation tonight with Macie.
Macie: Do you have to get married to have babies?
me: O YES!! That's the rules!!
Macie: Well Aunt Amy is married and doesn't have any kids.
me: Well just b/c your married doesn't mean you have to have kids.
Macie: Well I'm never having kids.
me: WHAT?! WHY!
Macie: I don't want kids whining in my ear!!!
me: hahahahahahahaaaaa, yeah I don't blame ya..

Poor girl!! Having twin brothers is going to scar her for life.. Austin will be the one who has a ton of kids...He's going to be "The Family Man"..

Short Story:
Today as I'm picking Macie up from school, I see a little boy hanging outta the car window. Immediately the boys see him and start making this annoying sound (something like this - eeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and pointing at the boy laughing their ass off..I have no idea what they were saying or doing, but whatever it was they were enjoying themselves..I finally told them to KNOCK IT OFF.. I could hear the mom inside the car asking her son if he saw my animals. I knew she could hear them laughing at her son..They were like wild animals after an escape from the zoo..


Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

Maggie doesn't want to have babies either. She says she doesn't want to hold them all the time or have to get a big belly and have them cut out.

The Hamby's said...

Becca asked me each time I was pregnant with Addie and Josiah if me and daddy got married again. I used to tell her that you have to be married before you have a baby, so she naturally thought that we'd have to say our vows over and over. ...funny what kids say!
Addie the other day said she wanted to marry her little brother Josiah, but she has to wait for him to grow up first. hahaha ...very cute!