Friday, February 13, 2009

The Nerds DID IT!

Remember me mentioning in an earlier post that Macie's tooth is loose..Yeah well not anymore!! Her tooth came out tonight as she was eating some nerds. It came out w/o her knowing so thank God she didn't swallow it..She said she chewed on it for a second - hahaha She's screaming with excitement, I'm sad she lost her tooth and Eli was crying b/c he thought something bad had happened- hahahahaa You ask me why I'm sad and it's just another reminder that she's getting older and older..I wished she could stay this age forever!! :0(
So the tooth fairy gets to make her way to our house tonight..Fun, fun!! I remember all those memories as a child..Kinda hard to tell a tooth is missing, but you get the picture.

Today was also Macie's Valentine Party at school..As usual, it was a huge success and a blast..The little boy that sits next to Macie think she's "HOT", according to his momma - hahhaha..He's a cute little boy too..Couldn't ask for a better personality.

Happy Valentine's Day

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