Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Real short post here. Austin and I have had the dreadful stomach bug. I'm better, but Austin is going on his 2nd day of vomiting..Remind you the last time the boys had this it lasted for 10 days..horrible, horrible

Quick story then have to go....
Macie has been DYING to lose a tooth. If she only knew that a lot of blood was involved she'd change her mind..I know after the first pulled tooth she won't want the others to come out..Anyways, she's eating breakfast this morning and the biggest smiles spreads across her face and she says "mom I just bit down on something hard and my tooth is loose"! I'm like WHAT! She was eating a doughnut folks, so what could be hard in a doughnut? Well I'll tell you - HER FREAKING FORK!!! She bit down on her fork and sure enough her tooth is loose - hahahahaha She couldn't be happier!

I want my normal (as I know it), boring life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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