Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boys will be boys

I'll try not to make this a long story, so here we go:

When we built our house a little over a year ago we didn't build porch steps, b/c Jason wanted to build a deck. I wasn't crazy about a deck, so in the meantime Jason built some temporary steps. *It's not that I don't like decks, I just think if your going to build a deck you should make it big and fancy.

So he decided to make some steps from some leftover rock we used on our house, which looked fine - but he HATED them..So we're going to have some regular patio steps made (or whatever you call it)...

Jason busted up his homemade steps and again built temporary ones basically so our dog could get on and off the patio..

Well yesterday the kids were playing outside and I heard a loud crash, so I looked out the window and Austin is covering his mouth crying hysterically.
Somehow they took the steps apart..When I ask them "who did it"? Eli says Austin, Macie says Eli and when you ask Austin if he did it he shakes his head "no". I think Eli was behind it all, but I didn't see it and have no proof, so I really can't punish him. I'm not surprised b/c they take everything apart. Jason found about a dozen car/tractor/trailer tires hidden behind their t.v. last night..I guess taking things apart is a boy thing..

Jason was so pissed about the steps that he said he's not making anymore, so poor Bud has to step on a chair to get on & off the porch..


Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

Okay seriously tell your husband he needs REAL steps there. You don't live in a trailer park. Your dog cannot hop on a chair and your kids can't either

The Sharum's said...

hahahahahahaha, the kids can get up and down but bud has a problem...We're getting new steps next weekend...