Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Two of The Couch to 5K Running Plan

I'll spare you guys from reading about my depressing exercise soga, so this will be my last post about it. Last night around 9pm I was killing myself or trying to anyways..I had a hard time last night-I guess cause I really didn't want to do it and I was tired..The workout isn't even that hard YET..I'm not really sore but my legs are restless and achy. I'm not sure I'll ever like running, ugh.

I do have a little tip to share with you. I always hate streaks on mirrors/windows after you clean them. Last week my dad told me about a little trick that he heard from somewhere. I tried it last week on my mirrors and yesterday on my car windows and IT WORKED - NO STREAKS. Instead of using paper towels use coffee filters..Crazy, I know. But it worked for me.

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