Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Flurries and more

Here's a picture of the boys trying to catch what snow flurries we had in their mouths. They are "ALL BOY" and would have stayed outside all day if I'd let them - hahahaha

This next picture is of them coloring/school work. Yesterday we worked a little on colors. They are having a hard time with blue, red, green and orange, so Austin's color was orange and Eli's was blue. We didn't work for too long, though. Their attention span is still pretty short, but anything is hopefully better than nothing..

I forgot to announce that Macie made a 100% on her 1st spelling test last week - whoo-hoo sis!! She has another one today, so keep your fingers crossed.
Macie scored a 20/18 on her spelling test - GO MACIE!!

Here's a little random story:
Ever since the boys were born I've felt like a walking freak show. EVERY where we went we got stopped and asked "ARE THEY TWINS". I mean come on people, of course they're twins. They can't be 2 yrs apart!! To this day we still get asked, but now that their older it's not that big a deal. Multiples aren't rare these days, so I still don't know what the fuss is all about.. Well today I felt like the freak show was back. As I'm carrying Blake in his carrier and pulling my 3 kids through the parking lot, Eli nails some one's side mirror with his head. No tears, gashes or blood so he's fine. He might have a nice shiner, though. The boys don't know what "single file" means. They want to walk side by side between the parked cars - hahahaha and needless to say we won't all fit that way..

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