Saturday, January 3, 2009

Macie's Trip To The Bank

Today we went to the bank to let them count all Macie's change and to open up a savings account. She had a good time, but was kinda confused on where the bank would keep her money..haha
Once we got home we finished writing the rough draft of her book she's writing, which I'll share with you.

Now keep in mind the limitations for the book. You can have 20 words per page and up to 12 pages..We're going to work on the drawings tomorrow..Here's the 1st rough draft.

My Trip to the Bank
-My daddy broke my 1st piggy bank with his hammer. It was made of glass and shaped like a pig.
-My mommy and daddy picked up the money and put it in my purse. My daddy even cut his finger!
-Before we went to the bank my family guessed how much money I had.
-Daddy guessed $16.50, mommy guessed $21.00, Austin guessed $6, Eli $5.00 and my guess was $25.00.
-The next morning I put the cutest in the world clothes on, and I looked cute as a button.
-Once inside the bank we walked to the counter and gave a girl named Cortney my purse full of money.
-Then a white haired lady told us to sit at the "New Accounts" desk.
-Cortney came back with my empty purse and told me I had $44.06. "Whoa, I'm rich" I said.
-She asked my mommy important information about me like my social security number, date of birth and telephone number.
-Once all my information was in the computer she gave me my very own account number and bank book.
-For giving the bank my money they gave me a cute piggy bank. Cortney said great job and keep saving.
-My guess was the smartest and closest to $44.06, so I was declared THE WINNER.


the alder boys said...

I love it! Very cute!

Harriett Faulks said...

Aww, how cute! She was so happy and excited about opening her own savings account. I hope she keeps up the attitude of saving. It’s definitely going to do her a lot of good in the future. I also hope she’s having fun filling that piggy bank. Maybe one day, she can start putting them in a proper coin bag or money purse, so that she won’t have to be breaking anymore piggy banks!