Friday, January 30, 2009

A Shelled Peanut?

I have a hilarious story to share. Tonight we went to Logan's to eat dinner and you know they have the "peanuts with the shell" in the small buckets on the table. Our seating arrangement is ALWAYS boys on one side-girls on the other. *Keep in mind my kids have never had dealings with shelled peanuts (well I take that back-Macie might have)..The only peanuts they eat are the ones you "just eat".. Anyways Jason & I are sitting down and notice Eli crunching on something but at the same time thinking "I don't remember cracking any shells for them to eat"..Jason asks him what he's eating and he opens his mouth and he has the shell and ALL in his mouth..hahahahahahahahhahahaha He cried when Jason made him spit it out - poor fellow..But was soon happy as a lark when he got to eat "normal" peanuts.

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