Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Lovin' It

Okay when I saw this picture today - I about DIED!!! I LOVE IT!! Don't get me wrong she's beautiful, but WOW.. Could those pictures be for real? Her peeps should all be fired for letting her go out in public looking the way she did....hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa I mean she has no excuse to look that way..She has money for a personal trainer, which I thought she had. Hey here's some advice - HIRE A CHEF & and quit listening to papa Simpson..No one wants to listen to or look at a "chubby country girl"
This obviously made my day:
Don't get me wrong I'm far from beautiful & thin, but at least I have an excuse..

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Meredith said...

Hey Angie! So glad to find your blog! I love your header! And yes, that picture is beyond hideous.