Thursday, January 8, 2009

AR Book!!

When I picked Macie up today from school she excitedly told me she got an AR Book..I had no idea what she was talking about, and she tried to explain to me that she had to take a test on the computer, then if she did good she got to go to the school library and check out an AR Book. Once we got home I looked in her folder and there was a note about the AR Book. An AR book means Accelerated Reader book, which I'm totally excited about..She's the 2nd one in her class to get these books..They read the book for a couple of nights then they are tested over the book, and if they do well - move on to another book..Her 1st accelerated reader book is called "I Can Read, Too" by Dave and Pat Sargent.
Tomorrow is her 1st spelling test, so I'm nervous for her. We've been working on them, so she shouldn't have a problem.

This is a random story, but it's funny and a little crazy. Last night right when I turned off my lamp to go to bed I hear a cat meow twice - hahahahahahahahaa..Okay, one problem to that is WE DON'T HAVE A CAT!! So I'm immediately scared thinking there is a cat under our bed..I mean after a raccoon - a cat isn't so weird, right? Jason was just about asleep and heard it too, so I'm not the only crazy person. Of course, he wanted me to get up and look and I wasn't and didn't. My only guess was that it was outside on our windowsill, but I doubt it..

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the alder boys said...

Too funny! I swear you and I and all of our strange critters!!!
Oh and by the way, love AR!! Being a teacher I know all about it. We didn't do it at the school where I taught but we did at the school where I student taught. It is a great program and will be great for Macie!