Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Blended Family

I want to first start off by saying, I NEVER know what Macie is going to say, when she's going to say it, or where she is going to say something usually hilarious. And sometimes it's about a total stranger standing a few feet from us..NEVER KNOW

So this morning I'm fixing her hair and she asks me:
macie: have you ever had a step mom before when you was a little girl.
me: well yes and her name is mamaw Karen and I also have a step dad named papaw Richard.
macie: who is your real dad
me: papaw doug and mamaw donna is my real mom
macie: a very shocked look on her face then she says "I didn't know they were separated!" hahahahaha how complicated this must be for her..Too deep of a conversation for 7am in the morning, I can tell you that..
me: I'm laughing and say- they've been separated for a while now, so it's no big deal.
macie: why did they separate :0D
me: I dunno, I guess they couldn't get along. Who are you hearing this from?
macie: no one
me: yeah right is what I'm thinking, but gladly drop it.
In the meantime I tell Jason about my conversation and he says "he's surprised she hasn't figured it out sooner..So as we're getting ready to leave Macie is asking Jason what his REAL name is and so here we go into another deep topic. He's explaining to her his real name is Mark Jason Sharum, but since his dad is named Mark, people call him by Jason which is his middle name. He starts laughing and says "you've learned a lot this morning Macie..First you learn that mamaw donna and papaw doug are divorced and I stopped him there. I said, well she really didn't say anything about being divorced, so lets not go there..O is what he says and kinda laughs..


Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

When I saw the title I thought you were leaving jason for a black man haaaaaaaaaa.

the alder boys said...

So cute Angie...Rachel you are BAD!!!